Flights from Latam and Sky are interrupted by bomb threats

Three aircraft had taken off from the airport of the Chilean capital; plane that went from Lima to Santiago, was forced to land in the south of Peru

Bomb threats have four flights from Latam Airlines and disrupted Sky Airlines in Chile and Peru. A plane that built the Lima-Santiago route had to land in southern Peru. At the international airport of Santiago three recently ascended aircraft had to return to different terminals.

Apparently, the warnings were false, according to the Chilean newspaper La Tercera . The Peruvian Ministry of Transport has confirmed the forced landing of the LA2369 flight from Latam at Pisco airport following a warning from the Air Traffic Control Center. A team for deactivation of explosives was used to inspect the aircraft.

In a first note, Latam reported that no passenger or crew member had been injured in the landing of Flight LA236 and that the passenger had been injured.

"At the moment the situation is under control". all operational aviation protocols are activated. "The Explosives unit of the National Police of Peru (UDEX) is at Pisco Airport by sweeping the plane," he said.

In a second statement this time signed Latam explained that the Civil Aeronautics Authority of Chile DGAC) was informed of the alleged bomb threats on flights, including those of its subsidiaries in Chile or Peru.

Major Diego Rojas of the DGAC reported that the office had received phone calls about a bomb threat on aircraft. Specialized policemen searched one of the planes on their way to Calama, who returned to the airport. The check lasted at 13.30, "but no foreign element was found."

Two other flights were diverted to Peru and Argentina. The army informed that there was permanent coordination with the crew and with the airlines to take the prevention measures in the best way

"In the light of the situation the company and the authority activated the security protocols, including a thorough verification of the aircraft. and ultimately the need to switch to another airport, as was the case with two Latam flights, in addition to other measures, "the airline said. "

According to the airline, no evidence of bombs or other artifacts has been found that could endanger passengers." The affected passengers are rearranged by Latam on the next available flights. "The LATAM Airlines Group reiterates that all safety procedures for passengers and crew will be complied with."

Chilean police investigates those responsible for telephone conversations

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