All basic gestures to navigate through iPhone XS and Max Xs

navigate iphone xs

Users who upgrade their devices to the iPhone XS will quickly understand that, after 10 years of using the iPhone, everything has changed! We have brought together all the gestures in iOS 12 that you will have to learn in this article so that nothing escapes you.

At first it is a bit strange because the iPhone Xs does not have a physical button, but the actions you know are there, only the gestures are different.

As I usually say when I talk about Mac computers – You do not have to learn how to work with macOS, you have to learn how to work with Windows. Here the case is exactly the same and you will have to unlearn it working on iOS on the previous models for this.

Lift to reactivate

There are different ways to do this. You can tap the screen or press the side button. The easiest way is to use the option that allows you to wake up the device when you lift it up, and in combination with Face ID is a real treat.

Unlock iPhone

Simply activate Face ID when you are in the first assistant or use the access code if you do not want to use Face ID. Because there is no Touch ID. We advise you to use Face ID, the code will always give you more work and you will tire your fingers too much.

IPhone home screen

One of the functions you will use is to return to the home screen and without the start button, Apple has found an interesting way to do this. Just slide your finger up to the bottom of the screen.


This feature is still available on iPhone X and later models if you activate it. Simply slide down with your finger at the bottom of the screen.


Another thing that you are used to doing is managing multiple applications simultaneously with the Home button. Instead of pressing the start button twice, you can now scroll up, but stop in the middle of the screen. The application carousel comes out and lets jump between applications.

More multitasking

If you hold your finger in the left or right-hand corner and your bent finger moves from left to right, you can quickly switch between applications.

Jump between recently used apps

Do you see that strange bar at the bottom of the screen? Swipe left or right to switch between the most recent and the previously used application.

Central control

You may have noticed that the control panel is no longer at the bottom of the screen. For access, slide your finger down from the top right corner.


The messages are very similar to the central conrolo, access by sliding your finger from the top left corner.


To use Siri, you can press the button on the side of the iPhone X. It is not much different from how you did it. If you have activated, you only need & # 39; Hi Siri & # 39; or Hello, Siri, depending on the language you have chosen.

Apple Pay

If you want to use Apple Pay, double-click the button on the side. If Face ID is enabled, make sure you are at the correct distance (up to 50 cm).

screen Shots

If you are looking for how to do it, it is simple. Press the volume up button and the side button.

Turn off the iPhone

Hold down the volume button and press the side button. Alternatively, you can activate the option in the settings.

Force iPhone to restart

Occasionally you have to force the iPhone to restart. This is a bit more complex. Press the volume button up and release it, press the Volume down button and release it. Then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

We hope these tips help you with your iPhone X and later models.

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