Bioware enjoys Spider-Man cat controversy •

In the past couple of days, Insomniac, like virtually all Sony's internal studios & # 39; s in the days leading up to the launch of a new game, has undergone downgrade accusations in Spider-Man due to differences in the cat.

The studio has been accused of trivializing the graphics of the exclusive PlayStation 4 due to differences in position and amount of attempts between demo & # 39; s and video gameplay compared to the latest trailers.

The situation is a bit of a world-wide discussion and it seems that even the producers have discussed a topic – something that has been emphatically demonstrated by Bioware on Pax West.

During an Anthem presentation, Bioware asked in a humorous way to inform viewers that the final version of their game could present differences in the position and quantity of wells.

"There is a lot to see in this image – but more importantly, there is a well in the middle, and before we move on, there is a 98% chance that this pit will be changed, moved, reduced. . "

This small part of Bioware immediately caused a laugh at the hearing that understood what Bioware wanted to say and what the origin of this comment was.

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