Do you want a Pixel watch? Google says to forget this year

Although in the past rumors have claimed the opposite, Google will not launch a Pixel Watch this year. The company confirmed this via Miles Barr, the engineering director of Wear OS, who spoke in an interview with Tom & # 39; s Guide.

The Pixel Watch would be unveiled next to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones that we will see in early October at the next Google event. However, the research giant says it wants to concentrate on its partners in the portable space and the improvement of Wear OS.

There is actually a way to use Wear systems and Google seems to want to meet what the consumer wants. For example, it is a fact that people want to have both NFC and a heart rate monitor on their portable devices. And that is why recently announced devices such as Skagen Falster 2 (photo below) have integrated these technologies, unlike previous generations.

Do you want a Pixel watch? Google says it will be forgotten this year

The company does not want to develop all its own hardware, because there is a perfect watch for every person. This point is strongly emphasized by the diversity in the Wear OS ecosystem, with some wearables intended for fitness enthusiasts, others for outdoor activities, while others are all about design.

Although Google has not yet made a smartwatch that is indispensable for everyone, if the company started a similar project, the company would focus on Google Assistant, "to integrate AI and machine learning into the device, what the strong Google, "said Barr.

The newly revealed change of the operating system will be followed early next year by a new update that focuses on improving the life of the battery. To achieve this, Google uses strategies similar to those already used in Android. The Twelve mode turns things off when the user communicates less with the clock. Machine Learning will be used to optimize when the device performs various processes to minimize energy consumption.

The new release in 2019 is not called Wear OS 3.0, because Google wants to distance itself from version numbers.

The figures "have led to a fall where we can only upgrade once a year." The SO Wear experience evolves and this is the beginning of this evolution, and we want to continue to implement improvements on a regular basis so that users do not wait, "explains Barr out.


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