Elon Musk "leaks" images of the new BFR and Flash Gordon would be proud

In one of his many good books, Arthur Clarke comments through his character how the design of a rocket in an old science fiction piece did not fit, with windows spanning the entire body of the spacecraft. "Where are the fuel tanks?" In reality, we have long ago abandoned classic rocket-like rocket designs, but SpaceX seems to be returning to that design vintage.

I have a big implication with the current models that our ships do not look like ships, see Dragon V2, Boeing Starliner, NASA Orion and the Apollo from the 60's essentially the same:

The Big FffFalcon ship changed this design a bit, but was still essentially a traditional rocket:

In later versions she won little and approached something that looked more like the Space Shuttle:

In the weekend, SpaceX announced that it has signed a contract with a mysterious Japanese passenger who everyone thinks is Kojima for a ride to the moon on the Big Falcon ship. The unveiling of the details will be made here today, 22h Brasília time, in this video:

Elon Musk, of course, tweeted before the time different images of the updated version of the new ship, and everyone raised his ears:

When you paint Green BFS, it reminds you of Planet Express from Futurama.

According to Musk, the fins will serve to stabilize the ship in the reentrada (two are movable) and will contain the landing gear, which becomes more stable in a larger structure.

It is wonderfully ironic to see that for years we have imagined that the spacecraft of the future would resemble science fiction, but for a moment it was never our minds that it would be the science fiction of the 1950s.

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