Epic reveals that Fortnite will have its own competition system and a 4K resolution

Epic Games today released (24) on its official website the report on the development of Fortnite for the month of August, with details about changes and solutions to problems with the game.

One of the problems discussed in the report was the game version for PS4 Pro. According to the company, the players are from Fortnite of the console will be able to play in higher resolutions than Full HD in the near future. Moreover, the company promises that it will also work on improvements to the network connection, elements of the game and new features that are unique to the Sony console.

As far as the mobile version of the game is concerned, Epic assumes that the release of the Android beta is not exactly as expected. The company warns that their priority now lies in resolving performance and stability issues and increasing the number of devices that the game will be able to perform, but it ensures that it listens to player complaints and works on correcting all reported issues .

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Another problem that came up in the report was the popular game mode known as Playground. Epic promises that it will add more ATK & # 39; s (a kind of golf cart) to the island, in addition to adding more jumping spots on the map. The company is still asking players to continue to send you suggestions on how to make that gameplay better and better.

Moreover, the company guarantees that it has realized the success of the Summer Skirmish tournaments and has plans to make it Fortnite increasingly competitive. To do this, it creates a competition system that allows players to get recognition for the achievements in the game, and is expected to release the first version of this system in the coming months.

Apart from what has already been mentioned, the report brings a huge amount of improvements, updates and projects that are being developed by the company.

Source: Epic Games

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