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Royale score matches take place on the entire game card, with the same 100 players per game. The card keeps closing over time to force matches between players and make the game more exciting and exciting.

Step 1. In the main menu of Fortnite go to the list of modes and select the Royale Score, placed at the bottom right;

Step 2. Select a location to turn off the bus. Note that larger cities may contain more items and players that earn points to win;

Step 3. After a few seconds, you will receive a notification that the coin batch has been released on the card. This is the time to look for items;

Step 4. There are three types of coins, Bronze (30 points), Silver (50 points) and Gold (100 points), which are distributed randomly over the card. From time to time new batches will be released;

Step 5. The valuable boxes are also a good way to increase your score, and provide better equipment to ensure your survival. Each open box yields 50 points;

Step 6. Ammunition boxes are available for the hills within the Fortnite buildings and give 25 extra points for each open unit;

Step 7. Live apples and shell mushrooms also increase your score in the Royale Scoring mode of Fortnite. Every item consumed guarantees 10 extra points, in addition to improving your health and shield;

Step 8. Although this is not the primary goal of the mode, eliminations remain the key to winning matches in the Royale scoring mode. Each defeated enemy guarantees 100 extra points and reduces your competition in the game.

The first player to reach the goal of the points wins. Note that the required score is different depending on the size of your group. In the game you only have to do it 2000 stitches, no double stitches 3000 and in quartets 4500since the items collected by the whole team are counted in the same scoreboard.

Check all ways to score and their values:

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