Full inversion of the land poles is closer than we thought

A team of researchers from the Institute of Environmental and Earth Sciences in Potsdam, East Germany, published a study last Tuesday (21) stating that the magnetic poles of our planet can reverse rather than expected, most abruptly.

Before the research was published, it was believed that a few hundred years would separate us from a total reversal of the land poles. However, with new evidence it could be concluded that the last complete geomagnetic change occurred at the end of the last ice age, which took only 144 years. The phenomenon happened 780,000 years ago and the period is about 30 times lower than previously estimated.

However, in the study published by the Potsdam scientists, it is argued that reversals at magnetic poles occur naturally every 200,000 or 300,000 years. This is because the liquid metals in the center of the earth move in different directions until the complete exchange between magnetic north and south. During the phenomenon, the long-term fall in field intensity is observed, but a rapid recovery takes place after the stabilization of the new orientation. This is another argument used in the study to claim that there must be a new shift in the neighborhood: the magnetic field of the earth is already 10 percent weaker than it was 175 years ago. The piles are moving too fast: at the moment the North Pole is in the north of Canada, but it moves about 50 miles each year towards Siberia.

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Risk & # 39; s for life

Although the popular opinion sees the geomagnetic inversion of the planet as a sort of impending apocalypse, it is practically harmless for the lives of the beings who inhabit the planet. However, the consequences are also not so simple that they can be reduced to a mere "North Compass now pointing to Antarctica instead of pointing to the Arctic", because weakening of the Earth's surface can lead to failures in the Arctic. the functioning of satellites, which affect our business lives and services that we like to use.

The greatest dangers to the health of living beings are the increase in the harmful actions of solar radiation, which can affect the harvest. The earth has, however, reversed its poles throughout history, including in the presence of various human species such as Homo erectus and the Homo neanderthalensis, who quietly survived previous reversals.

So unless you are concerned about the quality of life of animals using the Earth's magnetic field for locomotion, such as birds and salmon, stay in peace. But if the initial confusion of the salmon is of concern to you, know that they are likely to reorganize quickly and continue their lives, just like everyone else.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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