Full moon of Sturgeon on August 26, 2018: this is how it will influence every sign of the zodiac

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The month of August ends with a Full moon of the sturgeon in Pisces on August 26. This moon opens the perfect time to start presenting everything that you want to attract in your life. Emotions come to the skin.

It is assumed that the August full moon is called "sturgeon" because of the fishermen's tribes. Sturgeon is a large fish from the United States, Canada and other large waters. It is easily captured during this month.

How will this full moon affect you? Know the energy that it will bring for each sign:

Full moon of August 26: astrological influences

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It is a good time to see what you feel deeply. You are at a very superficial level in different areas of your life and it will not help you grow and evolve so much. You do not have to be afraid of your emotions. They can help you.

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Rely on this moment of your life, trust the people around you to lean on. Trust yourself especially. Trust is connected with faith and hope, something that is far away in your life lately.


This full moon will help you to open. Revealing how you are and what you feel means vulnerability, which is a sign of courage. You have what you need and have the people you want. Share it!

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You tend to stay in your routine and stability, but remember that it can be good to relax and go wherever the wind takes you. It is okay, sometimes, not to have a plan. Allow yourself to enter the unknown.


You like being in charge, taking care of everything, but it's better that you get so much pressure out of your life now. Allow yourself to stop checking and enjoying everything. You will see that you will feel very well.

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Laughter can generate a lot of relief. Laugh more! The full moon lets you look at yourself with more compassion. By doing this, you will feel complete.


Do not try to rush to something. Thanks to the full Moon of Pisces you might fantasize about the end of a fairy tale. Watch your heart, just that.

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Lately you feel a lot of emotions, from frustration to loneliness. It can be very useful to take some time to be alone, a moment of loneliness.


It is the perfect time to explore, especially emotionally. Remember what hurts and begins to heal. Being honest with yourself can bring the clarity you need.

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You are called to open in new ways. This may mean that you express feelings and desires in someone close to you. It is time to release, trust and expose this beautiful heart that you have.


Try to keep your feet on the ground. The ideas you have are great, but start putting them into practice. Everything will happen, you just have to cheer yourself up.

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Start believing more in yourself than in others. Trust yourself and your goals, you will soon see how they flourish. Spend time on your goals.

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What does the sign change in your life?

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