Huge asteroid will come very close to the earth today (23) & # 39; night

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An asteroid with a diameter of about 150 m will come close to the earth tonight. Named 2016 NF23, the space object will be one of the largest to approach Earth in recent years.

Although NASA is considered "potentially dangerous" because of the distance of just over 480 million kilometers from our planet, NASA warns that it is not necessary to spend because it does not have to come close enough to crash. This is because the orbit of the asteroid is anything but dangerous. The distance between the orbit of the rock and our planet is the same as that between the earth and the moon, which is a very safe margin that nothing will happen catastrophically.

So there is nothing to worry about, because there is no chance that this asteroid collides with our planet. And even if that were to happen, the impact would not be so destructive. Of course, the impact of a body of this magnitude can destroy a big city and cause countless deaths, but is anything but a real planet destroyer.

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The body that hit the Mexican peninsula Yucatan several millions of years ago – responsible for the creation of the Chicxulub crater and for the extinction of dinosaurs – for example, had an estimated diameter between about 9.5 km and 16 km. So the 2016 NF23 does not tickle that close.

Source: BGR

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