iPhone XS: view the new features of the new iPhone Lists

Apple has already set the date: on September 12 in Cupertino, California, the next iPhone will be presented to the world. But what will we see in the successor of iPhone X, what marked the era and set a new standard for smartphone design?

Rumors about the new device have been circulating on the Internet for months, but recently they have become stronger with Apple's own leaks that point to a larger device and the golden color.

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And although it's an "S" of a year (when mobile phones are not so innovative), Apple promises to bring consumers interesting news to try and remain competitive in a market with more and more high-end devices.

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New iPhone XS has leaked image after Apple confirmed the date

See everything that is said about the new iPhones:


It seems that Apple is already making a statement about the name of the new iPhones. After rumors that the company was confused about the name of the smartphone, it seems that we have an "iPhone XS" line – it is not yet certain how the differences in name will look between the variants of the model.

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