Leaked image reveals alleged Sony Xperia XZ3 design

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A few weeks ago rumors circulated that Sony plans to launch the new Xperia XZ3 next week at the IFA fair. And a supposedly leaked image of the new smartphone comes to further amplify the rumors.

The image was released by My Smart Price and shows both the front and the back of what the new Sony device should be.

(Image: My Fair Price)

What is most striking in these images is the fact that the device only has a single rear camera that runs counter to market trends, which has increasingly placed two – or even three – cameras on the back of the devices. And if the image is really true, this decision seems to be a step back from Sony itself, because the Xperia XZ2 already had two cameras on the back.

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Another detail that can be noticed quickly is that the alleged Xperia XZ3 will not have "leveling" on the screen, which should make Android fans happy, because this seems to be one of the design hates most hated by smartphone owners. In addition to these new features, you can also see the NFC logo on the back of the phone, which clearly suggests that the device will use this technology.

Although we do not have anything official about the device's announcement, the fact that a site like My Smart Price – which leaked accurate details of future releases – suggests that proximity to the official announcement can be real. And if that is true, it would be something unusual: after all, the Sony Xperia XZ2 only came on the market in February, so the start window between the two is much smaller than normal.

Source: Android Authority

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