Microsoft is interested in acquiring or creating new studios in the future.

After acquiring four and creating a new studio for the family Xbox during the E3 2018the Microsoft still does not seem to be completely satisfied. because in an interview with CNET, Phil Spencer indicated that the company is still interested in acquiring new properties in the future.

"I explicitly said that we needed a significant increase in our investment in studios from the first parties, and on the E3 we announced five newcomers at Microsoft Studios – I do not think we're done." Fantastic stories, characters and worlds in the electronic games that are limited to certain screens, we want to let these figures reach more and more people. "

In addition, Spencer has revealed that they are working hard on streaming gaming technology.

"One of the things that I like to see is the game industry embrace & # 39; How can we build games for all kinds of players? & # 39; You can see this in Telltale games that are story-based titles or Nintendo makes incredible games for the whole family, it's all about creating new forms of entertainment – new games and new experiences – so that people can play together. "

Another highlight of the interview, according to Spencer, was that at the time of the creation of the Xbox, the console went unnoticed within Microsoft, without it being important what it has today for the company.

"In almost everything we have done within Microsoft, we do it as a company." The gaming division within the company was created by Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. The analogy I use a lot is that we were a sort of garage band in the beginning, we did not play music at high volume, we let it practice. "Bill and Steve were always like that, and now we are much more important to Microsoft since the arrival of Satya Nadella, Satya has given us incredible support and a great opportunity for all of us."

Recently, Microsoft managers have confirmed that their studios are working on a number of projects, including Playground games, in an open-world single-player game.

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