Pokemon Go spies on the user's cell for traps

Niantic could follow a controversial approach to avoid cheating in Pokémon Go. According to user reports, the game would read Android file and folder names as proof of carrot on the device. By placing something suspicious, the company blocks access to the augmented reality game.

The controversy about possible abuse of Niantic came from a publication for one player in the XDA Developers forum. According to the user, the update 0.115.2 of Pokémon Go showed an error with the name "device not authorized" when attempting to open the game in a Galaxy Note 4. The error is common to devices with access to the device. carrot from Android, which opens gaps for cheating.

Still according to the publication, although the mobile phone was "rooteado"Previously, the player had already formatted the device and removed the unlock, but the game was only restarted after the person checked the memory of the phone and removed all folders and APKs related to the practice of carrot. Other netizens of the forum did the same test, created folders with suggestive names and were eventually prevented from logging into the game.

The problem quickly led to the suspicion that Niantic could abuse access rights for user storage. The company would not only use the lease to register game data, but also to track every folder or file stored on the device. The scan even values ​​the data stored on microSD cards of the phones.

So far, Niantic has commented on the matter and has not responded to user questions. The game has even been updated to version 0.115.3, but players complain that the sweeps continue to take place. That is, there is a strong possibility that the company has adopted this attitude without communicating with the owners of the smartphone.

Anyone who disagrees with reading folders by Pokémon Go has two options: remove the game or isolate the application in mode sandbox, separating other programs & # 39; s. Although the company does not vote on the matter, a group of users has accused the app in the Play Store for Google of taking action to curb abuse of privacy.

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