PUBG Mobile gets a huge upgrade with a new card and more weapons

Tencent Games has released a huge new update on Thursday for the game PUBG Mobile (13). Highlights include the arrival of the new Sanhok card and the addition of more weapons to players.

Sanhok is situated in a dense forest with varied landscapes. The newly launched location also offers fighting scenarios and weapon competitions, training mode and first person.

The developer has also released data about his mobile game. Apart from Japan, Korea and China, the game already has 20 million active users. During the last 14 weeks of season 2, a total of more than 130 million players – 30 million more than the August data – were spread over more than 200 countries 864,425,575 chicken dinners.

The official YouTube channel has even made a video to celebrate the global number of users in the six months it is available. Pay attention:

The update also brought other functions in gameplay and social. The intention is that the player increases his skills in teamwork. Look at it:

  • New weapons and vehicles: among the new features of Sanhok are Flare Gun, QBZ, Muscle Car and UAZ Bullet Proof;
  • Anti-Cheat measures: Now there is a report button in viewer mode, the Basic Info and Results screen;
  • Seasonal information: the season page began to display titles, the highest ranking was achieved by the player and more details of the seasons;
  • Improvements in gameplay: chat system, ranking of clans, drop-of-sky items and friends have received more improvements.

PUBG Mobile is available for Android and iOS in their respective system stores. The download can be done via the links below.

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