Qualcomm promises a new 5G platform in early 2019

Qualcomm announced on Wednesday (22) a new technology platform to ensure 5G connectivity with the top-of-the-line phones to be launched next year. In what was considered to be a relatively ambiguous unveiling, the manufacturer named a new set consisting of the Snapdragon X50 modem and a still-doped 7-nanometer system on a chip that is to be released "in the first half of 2019".

However, the company promised the first 5G hotspots by the end of 2018. In this way, the current Snapdragon 855 is even omitted from the new system, only for devices that use the WiFi point. Otherwise, remember that Lenovo said earlier this month that the first "5G connection phone" from the company launched by the company would use Snapdragon 855.

Devices with a mobile 5G connection itself should therefore even use the new SoC to be officially unveiled. As the Venturebeat website calls it, it is believed that problems related to power consumption and wireless performance have prevented Qualcomm and handset manufacturers from using the 855 for new handsets – preferring a new, optimized platform instead.

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New platform is being tested

Qualcomm said the new platform – presumably consisting of the Snapdragon X50 modem and the Snapdragon 865 chipset – has already been sent to suppliers and is currently being tested.

The structure is expected to enable "handsets with advanced connectivity that enable new experiences and intuitive interactions based on artificial intelligence, directly in the handset, with longer autonomy and improved performance."

The mmWave antenna and Qualcomm's Snapdragon X50 modem promise ultra-fast speeds for the first 5G connectivity phones. (Image: reproduction / Qualcomm)

The company says it is "happy" to work with manufacturers, operators and infrastructure managers and communication standards around the world. "We are determined to work towards the end of 2018 to launch the first 5G mobile hotspot, and the first smartphones using our next mobile platform are expected to arrive in the first half of 2019," said CEO Cristiano Amon in the publication.

Although the new Snapdragon has not yet been officially released, it is known that the popular Snapdragon X50 is a modem with connections up to 5 Gigabits per second with a latency of 1 to 2 milliseconds – undoubtedly a significant improvement over the models 4G used in the current smartphones.

Source: Qualcomm

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