Review: Zenfone 5 has iPhone X design, but the battery leaves much to be desired

With Apple's product look, Asus improves Android smartphone, but the battery is still crucial


22 August 2018, 05.00

São Paulo – Zenfone 5 is the new smartphone from Asus and one of the major bets of the brand for the Brazilian market in 2018. With a 6-inch screen covering a large part of the front, the product looks like Apple's iPhone X, and even the infamous notch, the notch (or fringe, whatever you want to call it) that is in the middle at the top to house the camera and the front. Look under the review of the mobile phone, which costs from 2,200 to 2,500 reais in Brazil.

With system Android 8.0 and dual camera, the Zenfone 5 comes in versions with 64 or 128 gigabytes of internal storage and microSD card support. Just like a few, the Zenfone 5 facial recognition is one of the unlocking methods that greatly speeds up access to the device, although it is not the safest way to protect your data and accounts in apps.

Zenfone-5 storage

(Lucas Agrela / Site EXAME)

The Snapdragon 636 processor from Qualcomm took care of the daily tasks and there is also a software mode called Beast mode that increases the processing power of the device when benchmarking, evaluating product performance or playing games. RAM also helps, and it has a capacity of 4 gigabytes in this product.


(Lucas Agrela / Site EXAME)

See the results of the Zenfone 5 benchmark tests below.

The Zenfone 5 shows an important design evolution for all purposes compared to the pragmatic and less daring Zenfone 4 of last year. The new gadget resembles the iPhone X, but still retains the personality of the brand by placing a glass liner and a digital sensor on the back, right in the middle, to avoid accidentally placing your finger on the camera like in the Galaxy S8.

The battery of the smartphone is the weakest point. In our tests it was resistant to a heavy simulation for only 5 hours and 45 minutes. This time is less than direct competition. For example, Moto Z3 Play received 10 hours of use under the same conditions. The Zenfone 5 is therefore more suitable for people who spend the day at the office, because an outlet is always available. In the car it is best to always have a car charger or a portable battery, so that you will not run into Waze on any street in the city, because the battery is empty before you want it.

Zenfone-5 photo & # 39; s

(Lucas Agrela / Site EXAME)

The Zenfone 5 has a dual rear camera (12 and 5 megapixels) with f / 1.8 aperture for better shots in dark places. The photos included in our tests showed good quality in the general context of the product, based on their specified capacity and price range, but we can not compare the results with today's high-end smartphones, such as the Galaxy S9, which with higher accuracy, less noise and higher color fidelity.

See two examples of photo 's. Images can be compressed on the internet.

Photo zenfone-5

(Lucas Agrela / Site EXAME)

Photo zenfone-5

(Lucas Agrela / Site EXAME)

Simply put, the Zenfone 5 is good compared to the Z3 Play, sold in a comparable price range. It has a range of photo and video modes and can even record in slow-motion (something interesting, but do not create high expectations, it's 240 frames per second, like in the iPhone 6s, 2015).

The 8-megapixel selfie camera delivers results within the average range and features an automatic embellishment mode based on your face type. It is a matter of taste, always turning off these software optimisations in photos, but it works as a way to make your face appear smoother and look softer in the image.

See photo & # 39; s made with Zenfone 5 on Flickr.

Is it worth it?

Zenfone 5 is a smartphone for those who want a product with good technical specifications, iPhone X design and dual camera. The battery gets confused and this can be a problem in the troubled routine of people. Zenfone 5 represents another important step that Asus has been putting on the smartphone market since 2014 in Brazil. The device is generally worth adding a number of useful functions to a good design, even if it is not entirely original.

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