Rumor Apple will launch a new Mac Mini later this year

Good news for Apple fans: after almost 4 years without hardware upgrades, the company would finally have to launch a new Mac Mini later this year.

According to the Bloomberg report, the new Mac mini will focus on professional use and receive a new processor and more storage capacity. Just like the original, the new Mac Mini will not come with a keyboard, mouse or monitor, which the user must purchase separately.

You do not yet have price information, but you can expect it to be more expensive than the current version due to improved configurations and a focus on the professional marketplace. The current Mac Mini has a price of $ 499 in the United States and from R $ 3,849 in Brazil.

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In addition to news about the Mac Mini, the Bloomberg report also includes some new details about the new 13-inch MacBook. The new model looks like a new case for the existing 12-inch MacBook, because it has a similar design to the MacBook Air, but with a Retina screen with a higher resolution and a thinner screen.

Given that the MacBook Air has prices starting at $ 999, and that the new model will have a 13-inch screen with retina display technology, it will probably be a little more expensive – the current estimates are that the new MacBook reaches the market with a price from $ 1,200.

Despite the information, Bloomberg gives no details about when these products will be officially announced. Some believe that Apple can make that announcement in September at the annual event where it unveils new iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches, but the company is likely to announce them in a separate event in October, as it often does with major non-mobile product launches .

Regardless of the date, 2018 has everything to be a great year for Apple fans, especially if you have resources to buy all this news.

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