Samsung explains the improvement of the main rival of the iPhone

São Paulo – A battery was already a problem for the Samsung in the past. Nowadays the part has become one of its biggest advantages. The new Galaxy Note 9 has a battery with a capacity of 4,000 mAh and a duration of 12h30min with intensive use, almost twice the autonomy of the iPhone 8 Plus.

After the recall of Note 7 in 2016, the brand Note 8 introduced last year with improvements in the camera. The 2018 model transformed the S-Pen pen, which was present all over the line, into a remote control for photos and got more storage capacity for battery capacity.

In an interview with RESEARCH, Antônio Quintas, vice president of mobile devices division Samsung Brazil, explains how the company has improved the smartphone, which is considered one of the best in 2017, in just one year, with a focus on a point where Apple does not stand out .

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RESEARCH: Why would you bring a smartphone with 512 GB of storage space and 8 GB of RAM in Brazil?

Antônio Quintas: It is a publication with a limited number that we want to test. People who use this category Please note, according to a study we have conducted at the MindMiners company, looking for a large screen, an S-Pen pen and a battery. The value proposition of the product is in line with what it offers, 77% of the users would go back to buy a device from this line. These people are creators, entrepreneurs and a part of the segment will need more memory. We will test it. If the acceptance is good, we can extend this limited edition of 512 GB and 8 GB.

Are the devices with this configuration assembled in Brazil despite a test?

They are all produced in Brazil. We have been here for 31 years, we have two factories, hundreds of service centers. Only smartwatches are still imported, but we evaluate the local production. The first unit of note 9 marketed here in Brazil has been produced locally.

In the EXAME tests, which follow an intensive simulation pattern, the Galaxy Note 9 has gained two hours more battery life compared to its predecessor [passando de 10h30 para 12h30] and the result that he achieved in the test surpassed that of the iPhone X [9h20] and also the iPhone 8 Plus (6:30 am). Have you done anything else on the device, besides increasing the capacity of the battery to improve the autonomy of the use?

In addition to the larger battery of 4000 mAh, we are working hard on cooling the device. The combination of increasing battery capacity, cooling the processing of the product containing carbon fiber with water, helps to extend the life of the battery. We have also made improvements to the processor implementation that help with this.

This is the first smartphone from you that exceeds the value of 6,000 reais [preços são de 5.499 a 6.499 reais]. When the consumer buys an electronic price for that price, such as a television, he expects the product to last for a few years. How long do you think that Note 9 can remain in the hands of the consumer?

Note 9 is in the software update schedule of our head office, which has plans divided by country and without doubt the phone is robust, robust, has a capacity of one or two years without loss of performance. To facilitate access to this phone, we have the exchange program. In addition to the value you receive for your device, you get an extra value to make it even more affordable. In the retail trade, in Samsung stores or on carriers, you will find an exchange program that lowers the observed purchase price of the handset.

The problem is that we make novelties more seductive, so the challenge is to manage the excitement of buying a new phone. Those who are Note users always want more news. For example, this year's model has broken important barriers. The long life of the battery, the cooling and the stylus with Bluetooth that works as a remote control are just a few examples.

Will you stimulate the exchange of the iPhone by Android in the exchange program?

It varies from moment to moment. It depends on our partners, such as the Trocafone or the retail. People who buy used smartphones have replacement requirements on the market, so it is somewhat variable. The program is good because you do not leave the mobile phone in the drawer, there is no money on the table.

The first half of the sales of Samsung smartphones was influenced by the World Cup?

The first half was very good because we had prepared ourselves for it. We had data from the last World Cup that showed how the market behaved. We noticed that there was a lot of traction in the TV segment. We had to prepare for distribution, coverage, portfolio and communication to challenge the attention of consumers in this period.

This gives us market share in quantity. We reached 51.9% of the market share, according to data from consulting firm GfK. When we convert this amount into value, it is 52.2% of market share (money spent). Products are rising [de preço] and consumers search for premium and super premium segments [acima de 4 mil reais]. As soon as we leave, we arrive at Note 9 in the second half, so we think this will be a year of growth in Brazil.

Has Galaxy Note 8 sold well in Brazil?

Yes, we stayed for one year without launch because of Note 7 [que teve problemas na bateria e teve vendas interrompidas globalmente, nem sendo lançado no Brasil]. The marketing campaign we conducted was very strong for the relaunch of the franchise in Brazil. This year we expect sales to be much higher than those of last year on this line.

Can we expect commemoration missions for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note rules next year when they reach their respective 10 versions?

We do not yet know why we do not know the secrets of the company in this respect. But the expectation is more and more because the releases are great. The innovations were always in the camera and now note 9 increases the game to a new level. Personally, I am of the opinion that the 4000 mAh battery will place a question mark on the heads of users and competitors and will impress them.

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