Samsung uses professional camera pictures to unlock Galaxy A8 lenses

Samsung may have committed something that was considered a blunder at best. Twitter user Felipe Torres accuses the company of using a photo from a DSLR camera to reveal the photo quality of the Samsung Galaxy A8, as if the photo had been made by the front lens of the device [19659002]] The business started on the 14th The company placed a picture of a couple that describes that the Galaxy A8 has "dynamic focus and highlights in the picture which is most important", followed by the picture of the couple as an example [19659002] Torres, however, doubted whether the picture had even been taken with the smartphone.

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It was there that Torres looked for the photo in a different place and found his true source: the image appears in the catalog of Getty Images. Looking at the properties of the photo, you can confirm that it is made with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR, and not with the smartphone, which has a much lower capacity than a professional camera.

The photo is easy to find in the image bank and a simple look at the properties reveals how it was taken.

What does the Samsung say?

The company responded to the user with an apology for reporting that the image was taken with the smartphone. Through the social network she said: "Oops, sorry, you're right, Felipezen The answer given earlier was not really correct Many of the photos that we post are made using our smartphones, but some, like these, are a bank of images that also express the attitude of our target group. "

In fact, there are other campaigns of the company that reveal their lenses. in which the company uses photos from third-party image banks. Other similar messages bear the same idea. Among them is one in which the company shows the camera of the Galaxy S9 to promote the light-adjusting quality of the device (image at the end of the news). "The # GalaxyS9 camera adapts to low light and makes beautiful photos in the dark.

The photo is also from an image bank and is also taken with a Canon EOS 5DS R camera. 19659011] Mea culpa? 19659009] Despite announcing that the type of images used for his campaigns, Samsung pulled the Tweet into question by Towers of the air, but the internet does not forgive, and here is the screenshot:

Of course, the announcement of the S9 was also removed Thursday from Samsung's Twitter, but it also has prints:

and the original Getty Images image:

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