Still expensive! Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in India at high prices

With just a few days left before the official launch of the Galaxy Note 9 in Brazil, Samsung has just announced its new line-up in yet another market. The South Korean giant made an event in India in which all features of the device were emphasized and it was also reported that it is already available at all local stores.

In this way, the company says it is already possible to buy the Galaxy Note 9 in the Indian Amazon, because the prices there do not go far according to the world standard. So those who buy it 128 GB pays $ 972 (~ $ 3.855), slightly less than the US $ 1,000 (~ US $ 3,966) charged in the US.

In addition, there is also the variant with 512 GB of storage that also costs slightly less in the Indian market. In the US this version came to $ 1,250 (~ $ 4,958), in the country where the cows are sacred, the Samsung snake US $ 1,215 (~ R $ 4,819).

Samsung also offers members of the exchange program a discount of approximately Rs. 6,000, which gives $ 342 direct conversion. This is yet another way for the company to try to attract the public who watched the introduction of the Xiaomi Pocophone F1, which also happened in India today.

It is worth thinking about it on August 30th the TodoCelular will be present at the launch of Galaxy Note 9 in Brazil and you can follow everything with us. See also our opinion on Galaxy Note 8, which is reduced in price.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not yet available in Brazilian stores. To be notified when it arrives.

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