The most luxurious model of Apple Watch may no longer be available

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Apparently, Apple may have taken some time off with the idea of ​​selling Apple Watch as a luxury item. Currently, the "Edition" model is no longer on the official website of the manufacturer – and it was not mentioned during the recent Apple event last Wednesday (12).

The watch edition has become notorious by artists and celebrities like Beyoncé and Kanye West. On the market since the launch of the smartwatch three years ago, the luxury model was originally packaged in an 18-carat gold case and sold for the $ 10,000 bagatelle. Apple then replaced the material with ceramics, reducing the price by 88% – when it was sold for $ 1,250.

That way, Apple's smart watch flag should even be pushed forward by the newly unveiled Apple Watch Series 4. Only available in stainless steel and aluminum cases, wearable has the much more modest starting price of $ 399.

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For the $ 10,000 bagatelle, it was possible to have an 18-carat 18-carat Apple Watch – the same found in famous wrists as Kanye West and Beyoncé; until you allow queues in Apple stores. (Image: Play / Apple).

There are still Hermès models

In any case, anyone who really wants a "flashy" version of the gadget can search for the models produced by the collaboration between Apple and Hermès – with a leather bracelet and personalized dials – the initial price of which is $ 1,250. Regardless of the preciousness of the carcass or props, however, it is a fact that the old smartwatch models do not need to be updated for WatchOS 5.

The Watch edition is another of the different gadget models that Apple recently dropped. The company announced yesterday that it will also stop selling the iPhone X, SE, 6s and 6s Plus. Moreover, the absence of the AirPower wireless charger, announced at the end of last year, has not gone unnoticed, and so far it is obvious.

Source: via Business Insider

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