The next update of Windows 10 already has name and presentation date

Since the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has drastically changed its policy of upgrades and even testing with the new versions. This change has been useful for the operating system and especially for users who now have more frequent and stable versions.

After the Windows update in April it was expected that the next extension of Windows 10 would be announced. Microsoft has already done this and has named it the Windows Update of October 10, 2018. The release date is clear.

Windows 10 update October 2018 update Microsoft

During testing for several months, the previously known Redstone 5 prepares to bring many new features to Windows 10, as happened with the previous major updates.

The announcement of this new version / update was made during the presentation of Microsoft at the IFA, where several proposals were already known, some of which were already based on the ARM processors (Snapdragon) and are expected to be on the market later this year. come. Of course, Surface Go was also an important part of this presentation.

Mentioned Windows October 10, 2018 Update, it is clear that the arrival will be made in October, is expected for the first few days. The final version, sent to the manufacturers, is expected to arrive a few days earlier and is scheduled for September 25th.

Windows 10 update October 2018 update Microsoft

Windows Update of October 10, 2018 is expected to bring a new cloud-based clipboard to this system that can be synced with multiple machines, a file manager with a black theme, in-depth improvements to the Edge, and even Xbox performance information about Xbox game.

Now that the new version is almost complete, Microsoft will step up its efforts to develop the next version, Redstone 6, which is expected to be released in the first quarter of next year. The Sets, the Windows 10 tabs, probably come back in this version to be a reality.

The name and the expected date for the arrival of the next Windows 10 update will be presented, as in the previous versions, Microsoft should determine the pace at which it will be released and thus detect and resolve problems without the User PC & # 39; s.

You can already test Redstone 6 on Windows 10

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