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Top 10 Arkade - The best video game controls

Good video games have great controls, right? With the passage of history, controls were developed. And each of them has, in addition to the basic function of driving characters, cars and things, also initiatives that wanted to improve the game.

The members of the Arkade Gamer Club, our group of readers made to talk about video games, chose their 10 preferences. Of course, like every Top 10, opinions are as different as possible. But of course all those mentioned make a positive contribution to the world of video games. Will we check the controls?

10 – Nintendo Switch

Top 10 Arkade - The best video game controls

The latest check in the list brings a new innovation from the Nintendo. Similar to the Wii U, that offered the possibility to play on a small screen or on TV, the switch goes beyond. It offers the owner the possibility to play games as a portable, in a design that looks like the operation of tablets, but that is better adjusted. Moreover, it can be played in a traditional way, with the console connected to a TV and more traditional controls.

The versatility of Joy-Cons still allows small controls to act as a pair. And motion sensors, similar to the Wii, allows first-person battles Street Fighter 2.

9 – Saturn

Top 10 Arkade - The best video game controls

If the second check of the Mega Drive is made for fighting games, the Saturn was the dedication. Known as an excellent console for games of the genre, the controls have helped a lot in this context. With mapping based, in particular, on Capcom, we had three buttons at the top and three buttons below. Similar in shape with high, medium and low kicks and stairs.

This guaranteed a great footprint for these games. But it also proved very useful in games that, although already in the 3D world, were followed with 2D gameplay. like Nightsor Virtua Fighter.

8 – Dreamcast

Top 10 Arkade - The best video game controls

The last console in the SEGA was the first major evolution in controls. In addition to the already ubiquitous analog, the control also contained analog triggers, such as L and R. These triggers would thus prove to be very useful in shooting games and racing games. Still, two slots for accessories, and one of them with a hole to see the VMU, was the icing on the cake.

the VMU was the memory card of the console. And, coupled with the control, it brought a monochrome screen with a lot of information. It was possible to see a road map in racing games. Check the health of Claire in RE: Code Veronica. Or even more, create Chaos Sonic Adventure. All this served to evolve elements of the game.

GameCube and GameBoy Advanceconnected, in the same way offered this connection. The first Xbox was very inspired by the Dreamcast, to develop their control. And the Wii U, with his "tablet control", the game filled with information on the screen. You're welcome, Dreamcast.

7 – GameCube

Top 10 Arkade - The best video game controls

the controls GameCube is so dear that it is bought and adapted to this day. It is considered the perfect check for it Super Smash Bros. So with great buttons, a great analogue and "made for Zelda", the controls left the game Wind Waker even better.

This steering is so dear to the fans that some games from Wii They count on support for it. Moreover, there is an official adapter for in the Wii U. They could also have this adapter work Nintendo Switch. And, finally, the Nintendo confirmed the support, with the official control of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

6 – Xbox 360

Top 10 Arkade - The best video game controls

The control over the first Xbox It was cool, but it had some problems. Especially in its size, making it difficult to be comfortable. All the Xbox 360, followed by a traditional layout and great trigger buttons, "borrowed" from the Dreamcast. And it also has two excellent analogue, with one of them, replacing the place of the directional in cross, as well as the GameCube already done.

With an adapter you can also connect it to your PC. As a result, this popularization, coupled with the efforts of the Microsoft for better compatibility, made him one of the gamer's favorites. To this day, different companies copy their layout because they understand that it is a great check.

5 – Playstation

Top 10 Arkade - The best video game controls

the controls Playstation is remembered for two very interesting phases. First, when the console was released in 1994, the format was quite different than the usual one. We had knots with geometric shapes. That, according to Sony, were used to operate multimedia functions. In addition to a cancel (X) and confirm (circle) concept, they made navigation more intuitive. In the West this pattern was reversed, so we confirmed this with X.

Moreover, the cross-directional competent and we had four shoulder buttons. They allowed more functions to the games, just as we have this certainty today. And, years later, the Dual Shock was a new milestone in the industry. With its two analogs (and at a time when developers did not even know what to do with the right lever), larger R2 and L2 buttons and independent vibration without Sony was able to launch a product that directly affected various other controls that came later. Not to mention the evolution of his own concept.

4 – Super Nintendo

Top 10 Arkade - The best video game controls

After the success of the NESthe Nintendo need to evolve. The result was that in addition to powerful hardware, full of new effects, a new control was introduced. The number of buds rose from two to six. It was also the debut of the buttons L and R. And straight from the face it was possible to see this evolution Super Mario World. New commands & # 39; s can be added to the Mario, and that's how the gameplay got even better.

Moreover, the control has a good footprint and makes every genre tanned without major problems. from Top Gear, through International Superstar footballand the games Final Fantasy, it was always great to play with Super Nintendo.

3 – Mega Drive

Top 10 Arkade - The best video game controls

the Mega Drive had a slightly different proposal from the Super Nintendo. Instead of evolution, the message was one of revolution. Because that was the case, it became very clear with the new control. As if it were a wing, the three button design was successful. The format has become so popular that different national ones NES copied the format, with each company arranging another solution for customization.

New buttons were necessary over the years. So a new operation with six buttons made everything even better. Play with it Super Street Fighter 2it was cooler. And, because of that, that the SEGA was able to evolve the concept with the Saturn.

2 – Playstation 4

Top 10 Arkade - The best video game controls

With the success of the family Dual Shockt the Playstation 4 I would not play in a team that did not win. So the Dual Shock 4 brought the essence of its predecessors, but with important news. The L2 and R2 buttons have been improved and are similar to analog buttons. In addition, Share, which has replaced Select, has expanded the ability to share screenshots with the photo mode of various games and video with gameplay.

So the Dual Shock 4 brings the best in the family Playstation. The analog levers, icon-based buttons, independent vibrations that have become standard and a new touch button, making it easy to write your name on the screen, make it one of the player's favorites.

Control of video games: honorable mentions

Top 10 Arkade - The best video game controls

the Nintendo has always been a reference with its controls. the NESwas, for example, an evolution of the size that was available at the time and brought a new standard in industry. the Wii revolutionized in 2006 with its motion-sensing control that helped bring the video game to a whole new audience. Likewise, the Nintendo 64, with its analogue, also defined a new age for video games, aided by the classic Super Mario 64.

And, certainly, for us Brazilians, was an unforgettable control of the Main system. Strongly based on NES, his eight-directional directional was a good company in the adventures of Alex Kidd. Or in the sonicto the console.

1 – Xbox One

Top 10 Arkade - The best video game controls

Considered the best control ever built, at least until now. Surprisingly, control of the Xbox One evolved what his predecessor had and made it even better. The grip is excellent, the buttons are easy to assimilate. Your triggers are the best available today, and just like in the Xbox 360You can also use it on a computer.

His layout, as well as his predecessor, also serve as inspiration for inspections by third parties. Not to mention the version elite, developed with the eSport community. And that offers hours of gameplay in fighting, shooting or running games.

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