Who wins the consumer: to beat Xiaomi, Samsung will improve the intermediaries in India

It is not surprising that Samsung has not worked well in some markets: the Galaxy S9 did not sell well, and now the company is high on Galaxy Note 9 to close the next annual accounts.

At the same time, it must restore the market in China, where its smartphones have become irrelevant and this can cause the closure of a factory. Also in India, another gigantic market, South Korea was overtaken by Xiaomi in the middle segment and OnePlus threatened its domination in the premium niche.

Therefore, the manufacturer will re-adjust its strategies for the next quarter, which runs from October to December. Whoever communicates this is DJ Koh, president and CEO of the company.

In the case of launching the current top of the line in India, he reported that the company prepares news for local consumers, which can expect more complete experiences in the near future. mid-range Company. An indication that this is the reality is the arrival of the Galaxy A8 Star there, which brings with it an average firepower, but a slim design and powerful camera's.

The idea is to offer more line-to-line possibilities to the mid-range smartphones from Samsung. According to Koh, the company "will not focus on sales volume, but rather on resources and experiences that will please the Indian consumer."


22 Aug.

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22 Aug.

Despite the humanized discourse, it is clear that the company only wants to restore the market, which does not mean that the customer will not be the biggest beneficiary. The J8, for example, came to this and almost half of what they charge here. After all, an aggressive strategy is required to compete with Xiaomi.

Do not forget that the Brazilian event for Note 9 will take place next Thursday (30) and TodoCelular will be present. Will we also have other good news about strategies for our market?

And you, what do you think of Samsung's market decisions to remain competitive? Do you have a business smartphone? Do you only find the price that she uses for her intermediaries? Tell us in the comments!

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