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One of the news presented by Microsoft in Gamescon 2018 was the new mobile application Xbox Game Pass, which is already available on Android, and will reach iOS very soon.

Still in beta, the app has the primary function to provide more convenience to gamers looking to view and manage Xbox Game Pass games, a monthly subscription service that provides unlimited access to a large Xbox One and 360 Xbox games library.

In addition to viewing the latest titles that can be added to the list, the application also offers the possibility to start game downloads even remotely from the Xbox One. In this way, the player can easily choose a title to download at a distance and return to the game once all content has been downloaded.

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Another very interesting feature in the Xbox Game Pass app is that of notifications about the new games arriving at the service. From these warnings the user can start pre-download games in a practical way, even away from the console.

As Microsoft explains on the support page, in order to activate the external download function on Xbox One, you must activate Instant-On on the console in the "Power and Boot" section of the Settings menu. If you use iOS, you must sign up for the App Store TestFlight to install the Xbox Game Pass.

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