After lowering the price, Atlético-GO says it no longer negotiates J. Brandão with Santos

Junior Brandão is the top scorer in the B-series of Brasileirão with 13 goals (Photo: Paulo Marques / Atlético-GO)

Junior striker Junior Brandão, Atlético-GO, will not be the shirt of Santos 9 either. The information was Sports Gazette and confirmed by The Tribuna online. In an interview with the website, the vice president of the team at the Goiás team, Adson Batista, said that Peixe ended the negotiations to rent the rush hour to see the deadline for entries for the last 16 of the Copa Libertadores that ended Friday are exhausted 17).

"The negotiations are closed and after they have not been able to register them in the Libertadores, they (the managers of Santos) have not contacted us anymore, trained, but we have not reached agreement for financial reasons, and also because we have no interest in have to sell the athlete at that time, we have our goals for the year, "Batista said in a short phone call to the site.

As verified by A Tribuna On-line, Santos presented a second proposal from Junior Brandão on Friday afternoon. Previously, Atlético-GO had already refused the first Tuesday. The Rubro negra team initially asked for $ 1.5 million to negotiate the top scorer in Serie B with 9 goals. This amount, however, was reduced by almost R $ 1 million by the leaders of the Dragon. The transaction seemed routed.

In the new attempt, however, the fish demanded an even greater reduction. The attitude ensured that the players of Atlético-GO rejected the request and that they still made the staff of Junior Brandão furious.

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