Below fan trees Figueirense loses the turn and leaves the first placed

The Figueirense returned to stumble at home, saw the opponent turn the game, climb the table and lose another chance to reach the G4. The team was 30 and dropped back to seventh place. "class =" img-responsive "/>

Figueirense versus Goiás, in the Scarpelli, for the Serie B – Fernando Remor / Ofotográfico / Folhapress

The front match showed similarity between the opponents of that night. to look at the table and it was possible to understand the magnitude of this confrontation between Santa Catarina and Goiás.With such campaign discrimination, it was also a consensus that everyone who scored points would enter the select group of four and break through the opponent to a lower level would send.

And Figueirense, without scoring three games, was quick to "inside" the Esmeraldino.Even with a team of three men, the team of Milton Cruz quickly undo the initial pressure and jump he on the scoreboard.

Renan Mota, the king of the assist in Figueirense – was his fifth in the competition – found a nice pass for Matheus Sales to put the score to 1 – 0 and a little light on the ground. The ball seems to have made a breakthrough on the way in, but he claims it! on the other hand, was washed away by the back. The referees trio even hesitated, but pointed to the midfield to party (late) of fans of alvinegro. 1 to 0.

The game, which even started to open, closed the face. Players from both teams missed consecutive passes and misused the errors. There were three yellow cards in an interval of 15 minutes.

At 47 & # 39; of the first stage, the most controversial move. The away team took two turns in the second and in the second, after a rebound in the area, the ball passed for Felipe Garcia who hit, the ball slipped into Eduardo and went into the corner. The referee was slow to point out and, in a very confusing motion, almost destroyed the goal that was legitimate.

The return of the interval coach Milton Cruz promoted another debut: besides Lucas Marques, the midfielder, Elton, the center president announced and regularized the day before, the Henan-wave entered.

However, the Goiás was the one who sent the first 20 minutes of the second phase.

The team of Milton Cruz, plastered by the formation with three kites,

On 24, the penalty: in the eighth corner, ball in the head of the defender David who tested and sent in the corner of Denis. 2-1 for Goiás and shouts of "donkey" in the stands.

Figueirense felt the goal. Without power and without motivation, he saw the Goias control the game and still if they were threatened. The flyer Zé Antônio made a hard offense, took the second yellow and was sent away.

The two teams return to the field in the B-series, next Tuesday (21), in the full round of the competition. Both enter the field at 8.30 pm. Figueirense goes to Varginha (MG), opposite Boa Esporte. The Goiás receives the São Bento in Goiânia.

Technical file:

Figueirense (1): Denis; Matheus Ribeiro, Nogueira, Eduardo and Diego Renan; Zé Antônio, Matheus Sales (Maikon Leite), Lucas Marques (Juninho), Renan Mota and Ferrareis; Henan (Elton) . Technician: Milton Cruz.

Goiás (2): Marcos; Alex Silva, Victor Ramos, David and Ernandes; Gilberto, Giovani (Tiago Luis) and Renato Cajá (João Afonso); Felipe Garcia (Rafinha), Lucão and Michael. Technician: Ney Franco.

Goals: Matheus Sales (4 / 1T) and Felipe Garcia (48 / 1T); David (24 / 2T)

Yellow cards: Zé Antônio (2x), Matheus Sales, Lucas Marques (FIG); Alex Silva, Victor Ramos, João Afonso (GOI)

Red card: Zé Antônio (FIG)

Arbitration: Jaílson Macedo Freitas (BA); Public and income: were 3,545 supporters for an income of R $ 77,795.00

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