CBF confirms "recycling" of referees after mistakes in the 27th round of the Brazilian

The referees' errors marking the 27th round of Serie A of the Brazilian championship cost the presence of the trio that are involved in the next matches of the national competition. This is because the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) confirmed on Monday that the referees involved in controversial moves are reassigned and go through a period of "recycling" in matches of lower divisions.

Who made the change public was exactly the head of the arbitration of the entity, Coronel Marinho, who confirmed that the referees Dewson de Freitas (Palmeiras 3 x 1 Cruzeiro), Caio Vieira (Santos 1 x 0 Atlético-PR) and Sávio Pereira Sampaio (Inter 2 x 1 victory), together with their assistants, will be re-evaluated in other competitions. Although not guaranteed, it is the trend that the trio are playing a few rounds in the Serie B.

"I do not like the word punishment I risk from my dictionary, there is a job to improve the referee, with the referees and with the assistants, so there are other matches so that they can act again so that we can evaluate if it comes back to the Serie A, which is the most important match here and a very large exhibition, "Marinho told the channel SporTV.

"We are going to make corrections for them, Dewson (from Freitas, referee from Palmeiras 3 x 1 Cruzeiro), Caio (Vieira, referee from Santos 1 x 0 Atlético-PR), Sávio (Pereira Sampaio, Referee referee 2 x 1 victory), and their team, because it is a failed team work, they will be re-evaluated and, if they are good, no, they will continue there, "explained the leader.

The first trio of referees moved by CBF worked in the match between Palmeiras and Cruzeiro. Led by Dewson Fernando Freitas da Silva (FIFA-PA), the team scored with Auxiliary Hélcio Araújo Neves (PA) and Heronildo Freitas da Silva (PA) a penalty in the touch of Gustavo Gómez & # 39; s hand, coming out of the field used to be. The offer was similar to that between Inter and Vitória, that Sávio Pereira Sampaio (DF), Daniel Henrique da Silva Andrade (DF) and Ciro Chaban Junqueira (DF), were the lime brand.

Finally, Caio Max Augusto Vieira (RN), Jean Márcio dos Santos (RN) and Vinícius Melo de Lima (RN), who saw a penalty for Santos in the split between Dodô and Ron, already in the last part of the game against Atletico Paranaense, in Vila Belmiro, will also be re-evaluated in the lower divisions. On the charges Carlos Sanchez and god converted the three points to Fish.

"We need to know why the error Positioning, lack of attention Teamwork failed Communication failed Planning failed Everything must be analyzed If there was an error, this should be corrected If there was a failure of the team planning, we have to be corrected, which is the case is for the two most important quotes, Palmeiras and Internacional. "Team work has failed, needs to be corrected and reassessed," said Coronel Marinho.

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