CBLoL: Flamengo has done his homework and secured a place in the final

The semi-final of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLoL) this Saturday (25) seems to have only taken place in the first game, where the two teams actually fought for the victory. After the Flemish to win the 1 on 0, the chances of the Blumers to sign up at Porto Alegre started to go further and further. CNB could not read his opponent and stamped his wrong choices. Flamengo showed that he was studying, doing his homework to secure his place in the final and easily won the 3-0.

CNB began with a strong and favorable draw to overthrow towers, but the Blumers failed to emulate and used all their power as they had to gain the advantage they were looking for. Robo does not seem to adapt well to his choice of Tristana to the top. Flamengo succeeded in creating big fights and ensured slaughter and two mountain dragons, causing the team to hit the CNB and catch up. An excellent call from baron Flamengo, who not only won the goal, but also lost four, making it impossible for Baiano to defend the base alone.

This time the Urubus showed superiority from the start of the game. CNB was arrested several times unprepared and Flamengo collected only abates (13 to 3) and targets that helped him to grow, two mountain dragons and one from the ocean. CNB insisted on maintaining the yampi with a poppy in the jungle and was not effective at all. Robo missed the final of the Gnar and seemed to be part of the game just to kill the enemy. the BRTT shone. Flamengo performed a baron in the 20 minutes that was the last nail in the coffin of the CNB in ​​that match. The game was quiet and fast for Flamengo and ended the game in the 24th minute.

CNB played in exactly the same way as in previous games, insisted on bad choices and to say that they did nothing, they exchanged the yampi by the sea ​​turtlebut it made no difference because they insisted on Poppy's choice. The Blumers could not create or defend themselves against the Flemish corridors. shrimp played different games and was one of the highlights of the contest, as well Jisu. The CNB had to kill in order to strengthen itself, but failed to obtain those necessary slaughterings. Flamengo prepared his unstoppable snowball, won 18 abbots against only 4 CNB during the match. Climbing Blumer was finally decimated to prevent a Baron from Flamengo, who then left for the Nexus to end the game.

(Photo: Divulgação / Riot Games Brasil)
(Photo: Divulgação / Riot Games Brasil)

So the final is set. KABUM and Flemish will face each other in the grand finale 8 September, at 13:00, in Porto Alegre for the title of CBLoL champion and a place in the World Cup, which will take place in Korea.

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