Cruzeiro says he is going to the police against Palmeiras safety

Controversies were not lacking in the victory of the Palmeiras on the Cruzeiro, with 3-1, this Sunday (September 30), in the Pacaembu stadium. Shortly after the game, a confusion in the entrances to the dressing rooms attracted attention.

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The security forces of the two teams were involved in a riot in the time that Lucas Lima walked around to carry out the anti-doping test. FOX Sports reporter Fernando Caetano was there and brought details about what happened. See the video above.

Shortly thereafter a brief statement was made by Marcelo Djian, football director of the Minas Gerais club, who explained the confusion and stated that the Raposa would give a bulletin of prevention:

"When we were in the middle of the hall, a guard from Palmeiras came and said that we could not go through that hour, that we had to wait until the fans left." He started talking to our security officers a lot, and when we came to the locker room he called the security guard at Palmeiras. This security guard who escorted us from the cabin suddenly kicked him the Lugão and there was a push-push. We had to close the door, because then all the security of Palmeiras came. Let the police station make a bulletin of prevention, all thanks to an unprepared security, "he finished.

View the latest news from the Ballenmarkt and who can reach your team

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