Figueirense loses sight of Goiás on Scarpelli

  Figueirense loses sight of the Goiás in the Scarpelli Cristiano Estrela /

Cristiano Estrela /

It had the face of victory alvinegra, from the Figueirense making the peace with the triumph in his house. The 3,545 fans who were on Orlando Scarpelli on Friday saw why Goias is on the rise in this Brazilian Series B series. Figueira continued with Matheus Sales, but the central team took the turn and closed the score 2 by 1 in the 21st round. They are four straight games without a triumph for the hurricane.

Alvinegro wasted the opportunity to return to the G-4 and still saw Esmeraldino in the qualifying zone for the national elite in the league. In the first supero of the returno, the Figueirense faces Good Sports in Varginha at 20.30. At the same time, but as the client, Goiás faces the São Bento.

The game

With Lucas Marques as a novelty in the Middle Ages, Matheus Sales got the freedom to continue. It did not take long before he broke out his first escape. At four minutes he was in front to pass the goalkeeper and to poke without a corner. The ball passed before the beam, touched the post, ran across the line and caught it. Alex Silva took the ball inside and referee Jaílson Macedo Freitas did not do enough to confirm the opening of the scoreboard. But the Goiás suffered more rounds, the match was open and the Figueirense had another chance. At 18, the rebound ended the Henan lefthanded kick that Marcos missed, but avoided to recover before the round passed the line for the second time.