Iago finally decides and CRB beats Fortaleza leader in King Pele

CRB: João Carlos; Diogo Mateus, Everton Sena, Anderson Conceição, Paulinho; Claudinei, Lucas, Felipe Menezes (Marcelo); Edson Ratinho (Iago), Elias (Willians); Neto Baiano

Fortaleza: Marcelo Boeck; Pablo, Roger Carvalho, Beam, Bruno Melo; Nenê Bonilha (Romarinho), Derley, Marlon; Marcinho (Wilson), Ederson (Dodo); Gustavo

score: 1-0, Neto Baiano, 20 minutes from the 2t. 1-1, Gustavo, 39 minutes from the 2t. 2-1, Iago, 48 from 2t.

Referee: Rodrigo Carvalhaes whistled with the help of Wendel Gouvea and Daniel Parro. The trio comes from the Carioca federation.

Effects: Match valid for the 22nd round of Serie B of the Brazilian championship.

In a regional northeast classic, the CRB received the fortress on King Pele, in the game that was valid for the 22nd round of the Serie B. Printed to leave the relegation zone, the voters finally managed to win with 2 against 1. Goals Neto Baiano and IagoThe last one already in the additions. Gustavo made the honors of the fort.

The victory ensured that the CRB got 25 points and moved from the 18th to the 15th place. Leaving the relegation zone. The fort follows the leader with 43. But it can reduce the distance for the CSA (current vice leader), depending on the results of the round.

The first time without emotion

The context of the game was even optimistic. A classic Northeastern, the customer pushed through the fans trying to leave the area under the table and fight each other against the competition. In addition to players who are known on both sides. The idea of ​​a big game was completed in the first minutes after the first whistle of the judge. The first half did not prick. He did not count on great opportunities. Stay, warm and sometimes even sleepy. The pass error formed both teams, which they could only create through sporadic throws.

Benefiting from a remainder from the rear, Felipe Menezes the CRB kicked too far. Like everyone who did not want anything, Derley, for Fortaleza, gave a staircase of a reasonable distance: this time with greater danger. But the keeper João Carlos could score in the corner. The chance of greater familiarity clearly showed the face of what was the first time: the small one Eduardo Ratinho, in an impudent manner, almost ran into the corner of the area and the ball passed the right post of the goalkeeper Marcelo Boeck.

Shirt 9 on one side, shirt 9 on the other and goal on the end

In the second half the game did not win that much intensity. He went further from the midfield, with personal profit duels on one side and the other, but little collective attraction. Led by the crowd, this time less impatient to understand the strength of the opponent, the CRB showed better fit and attention in the match. The fort began to miss the game and the Mireió players put the ball back in jeopardy. And that would be how the team goal would be. Marcelo Boeck misplaced the ball, Iago would dominate and launch quickly in the future Neto Baiano. In the body won the idol of the regacic fans of the defense and gave only a subtle touch on top. In front, Marcelo Boeck only saw the ball and died in the nets. Go ahead and party at King Pele!

Taking the goal, the Fortaleza did not seem to be afraid. He even continued to act as if he were 0-0. Quietly, with short passes and without accelerating the games. The equalizer happened without Pici's tricolor pressing on it. Debuting by the FEC, Romarinho played the ball in the penalty area. The back did not move and it was the turn Gustavo, the Gustagol, appear and push only with the open goal. Game bound and silence in the stands.

If you had a nickname or phrase for that match, it would be called "appearances are deceiving". It did not look like he was going to score, he left. It did not look like the tie would go out. And it did not look like he would eventually have a winner. Had! Both teams already have they seemed the result and the point reinforcement for each side have been accepted in a final attempt Willians would appear on speed in the left section. At the height of the area he hit Crusader for a good defense of Boeck. The ball, however Iago for debutant Iago, who first fell on the ground with the fallen goalkeeper and went to meet the embrace. Clearly in an irregular position the obstacle was not marked, and Iago naturally did not want to know. And not even the crowd of the Rooster, who let the stadium pulsate again. This time definitively.

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