Londrina x Atlético-GO: view the best moments

Dagoberto gave a show with Londrina & # 39; s shirt on Friday night (31) and Sharks led 4-1 victory at Atlético-GO in the Estádio do Café.

The 10-shirt scored three times: two in the first half and a second in the second, and still saw Paulinho Moccelin extend the score. Atletico still earned with Renato Kayser.

Londrina dominated the entire game and left his former coach Claudio Tencati, who is currently in the Dragão, not to feel at home in the café. Dagoberto opened the score only ten minutes after the first stage, after he had received a ball that jumped and tapped at the exit goalkeeper Jefferson.

The second goal was a mistake in the last minute of the first half, in a movement that was never his specialty. To close the hat trick, a perfect penalty shot, 9 seconds.

Technical specifications
Alan; Lucas Ramon, Dirceu, Lucas Costa (Luizão) and Sávio; Jardel and João Paulo; Paulinho, Higor Leite (Jô) and Felipe Marques (Dudu); Dagoberto. technical: Roberto Fonseca

Atletico-GOJefferson; Jonathan, Oliveira, Gilvan and Bruno Santos; Pedro Bambu, Fernandes (Mascarenhas), Júlio Cesar (Tomás), João Paulo and Renato Kayser; Denilon (André Luis). technical: Claudio Tencati

See the best moments of Londrina x Atlético-GO

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