Mano Menezes v justice in Cruzeiro victory and denies lack of focus on the Brazilian

Alexandre Guzanshe / EM D.A Press
The technical Mano Menezes considered the victory of the Cruzeiro on Fluminense, with 2 against 1, for the 21st round of the Brazilian championship. For him, the celestial team improved the performance in the second half and deserved to win the three points on Saturday night in the Mineiro.
"It was important to win again, if it takes a while, it's harder, you have to start the victory, we've done a first time down, and although we've scored the goal, I think we've dropped a first half. team wanted to push high, but there was always a free player behind this high pressure, which was Richard who always turned the ball and let us run much more than we had to run, when the team can not score at the front because the midfielders are far behind, sometimes they have made a defensive and they have not managed to leave, there is no point in climbing to score, let's run, run, run and we will not get the ball. "At that moment you have to be smart, breathe a bit, let the ball go with the two defenders and of course they will bring the ball to a field space and we will decide to go on the line because we will be well positioned again, we have adjusted that and in the second half a lot improved. That is why we are winners. We played well against a midfield team that plays a lot of football. "

In the first half, Cruzeiro opened the score at 14 minutes in the header of Raniel and took the tying run until 26 minutes when Henry scored. At half time, Mano Marcelo Hermes replaced Egdio, who was responsible for the cross that led to the win, which also scored against Ayrton Lucas, Fluminense with left back, 27 minutes in the second half. With the score of 2 on 1, the heavenly team broke quickly from six games without winning in the Brazilian and kept the stimulation position, now with 30 points.

Asked if there was a lack of focus of Cruzeiro in the period without victories in the national elite (three draws and three defeats), because the team divided the athens with Libertadores and Copa do Brasil, Mano moved this hypothesis and wrote the difficulties in the battle for the mrito of the opponents.

"It never lacked focus, it is difficult to play decisive games even in the middle of the week, with different rules, and to keep the same behavior, you can not do it, sometimes the player is there, the will is there but the body does not obey, the mental is more fragile and you can not make a big preparation because you have not recovered from the previous game, but we did not stop with results in the Brazilian because we did not want to have any other football game in certain games. for many people are missing, that's why we could not, but the team wants … When we can do it, we will surrender ourselves as much as possible and surrender to win the victories, sometimes we will not be able to do it because of the opponents because on the other hand there are competent people who also want the victories. "

Cruzeiro is now preparing for the return game of the last 16 of the Copa Libertadores. The confrontation against Flamengo will be on Wednesday at 21.45 in the Mineiro. En route the miners won on August 2 with 2-0 on Maracan. The goals were at that moment scored by Arrascaeta and Thiago Neves.

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Complaint with the arbitration as a result of alleged resins of goalkeeper Jlio Csar, of Fluminense

"My complaint with arbitration is one, you can pick up the Maracan game (1-0 defeat) and the game from here, the Fluminense goalkeeper took about 20 minutes playing time, you can see all the events that happened there and those who happened here, when it was 1 to 1. And I do not think it's fair that we finally pay that bill to you.You can not benefit the perpetrator.Come the fourth referee say football, that the game must be played But we will favor those who fall Football has a rule 18, you know that calls good sense You need to know how to understand football, you have to see when a player is missing, he leaves the field and he does a lots of things that go beyond the cold rule of the game, you have to understand football to whistle, and I think it's difficult to understand. & # 39;

Bate-boca with Marcelo Oliveira, Fluminense technician

"When we reached the goal, Marcelo wanted to speed up and ask the gandula to speed up the ball and I asked his goalkeeper to fall (laughs) That's exactly what I said, we stayed … but the game. I know he was not even the one who sent the goalkeeper down (when Fluminense signed), probably not even the style of Marcelo, but we are involved in, a lot of value, within the respect we have for each other, I want win here for Cruzeiro, just as he wanted to win for the Cruzeiro, and today he wants to win for Fluminense. "

Will be demonstrated by the team mainly in the second half

"There is an advertisement from a station during a telephone conversation, which states:" No s futebol "and it is not the ball, it does not play. Play the hottest part, the good part, everyone wants, but has days that do not play well, and when should you play well? You give up, do you deliver the points? It will not, you can not take something else, you have to sacrifice yourself, you have to believe in what you defend That's why I'm very loyal to the players, I'm very transparent with the players I drive, because they have to believe a lot in what they're proposing, when you believe what you're proposing, you're in the field, you surrender for a goal, with a goal, that's what we're going to do, there will be days when we'll play better because the Cruzeiro has quality to play better and the ability to play better than it's played at certain times today. he won, today I could not transfer it because sine started to increase the pressure of the table e n we started to get other problems that will disturb us in the woods ahead. The head starts well with the result, with the victory, and I'm sure we will do better to rest the first Sunday, come back on Monday and prepare for the match with Flamengo. "