On the night of goals, Cruzeiro Fluminense wins and the fast ends in the Brazilian

Alexandre Guzanshe / EM D.A Press

Those who attended the miners' night on this Saturday saw Cruzeiro and Fluminense & # 39; solidrios & # 39; with each other. In the 25th minute of the first stage, the heavenly midfielder Henrique tried to cut the cross from the back of tricolor Ayrton Lucas and scored against. In the second half, at 29 minutes, Flu turned the & # 39; kindness & # 39; back with Ayrton Lucas himself, who was shocked by the defender. Ibaez could not get past Egdio's ball and hit his thigh to the bottom of his goal. The only goal for Gigante da Pampulha was in front of striker Raniel, with a head, only 14 minutes in the game.

With a 2-1 win, Cruzeiro ended a Brazilian fast that lasted six rounds. By that time, the last triumph for the tournament on July 22, against Atltico-PR (2 to 1), was in the Mineiro. Then the team had three draws and three losses, but it still managed to stay in the middle of the qualification. Now, with the positive result at home, the Raposa reaches 30 points and stays in seventh place.

Next Wednesday, at 9.45 pm, in the Mineiro, Cruzeiro for Flamengo is facing the return match of the last 16 of the Copa Libertadores. The expectation for a large audience, because the football partners have exhausted all entries. The board of directors has made a projection to receive 60 thousand people in the stadium. In the first stage, played on August 8, in Maracan coaches Mano Menezes won 2-0 with goals from Arrascaeta and Thiago Neves. If you go ahead, you are faced with the winner of Boca Juniors x Libertad-PAR. The Argentines are in favor, because they were victorious in Bombonera 2-0.

The game

Raniel took the best in the dispute & # 39; with Hernn Boats and was chosen by Mano Menezes as the reference of the Cruzeiro attack. And he turned out to be hungry for goals. At 12min he stole the ball from Gum and went wrong near the line of the big area. In the attack, at 14 minutes, Arrascaeta slammed and the shirt 17 ran hard to the bottom of the nets, reached his eighth goal of the season and made 1 to 0.

Alexandre Guzanshe / EM D.A Press

After opening the board, Cruzeiro slowed the pressure on Fluminense, which in turn increased ball possession (55% in the first half). The Tricolor changed a lot of passes, but did not show much creativity to annoy the keeper Fbio. Then Ayrton Lucas made a nice individual action after 25 minutes. He dribbled over Lucas Romero and Lucas Silva and walked low in the direction of a large area. Before the ball arrived in Sornoza, the Cruzeirense midfielder tried to cut Henrique out of the car and scored against: 1 to 1.

In the first half of the season, striker Pedro, from Fluminense, sprained his right knee as he tried to protect Romero's ball in the attacking field. With a lot of pain Kayke was replaced by the interval and had to be supported by the medical team of the Tricolor to leave the field. Topscorer of Flu in Brazil, with 10 goals (19 in season), shirt 9 had celebrated days before the first convocation for the Brazilian Seleo. Perform examinations that testify to the severity of the injury.

The Cruzeiro also moved in the interval, but by technical option. Left back Marcelo Hermes, who missed two passes, six passes and got a yellow card, was replaced by Egdio. After only 1 minute of the second half, Thiago Neves had the ball on the midfield and fired hard from a distance, and demanded a great defense by Jlio Csar.

At 17min. Raniel, author of the Cruzeirense goal, asked for replacement that claimed fatigue. Mano Menezes placed Hernn Boats. Soon after, Cruzeiro had a big chance: Arrascaeta met Robinho and went on to Thiago Neves, who could not kick the ball with Jlio Csar.

When the Cruzeiro regretted Henry's misery in the first half, he celebrated the slip of a Fluminense player in the last phase. At 26min Egdio was the finish line and crossed in the small area. While Ibaez, Flu-defender, did not make the cut, the ball hit Ayrton Lucas' hip and came in: 2 to 1.

At 39min, the Raposa scored the third goal and was in a more relaxed situation in the race. S Thiago Neves, about killing in the chest and take Ibaez of the move, kicked over the goal. It was the last lance that was actually dangerous, to the delight of the little more than 14,000 cruzeirenses that were present in the Giant of the Pampulha.

Alexandre Guzanshe / EM D.A Press



Fbio; Lucas Romero, Ded, Murilo and Marcelo Hermes (Egdio, in the interval); Henrique and Lucas Silva; Robinho (Rafinha, 36 minutes in the second quarter), Thiago Neves and Arrascaeta; Raniel (boats, at 19min or 2t)

coach: Hand Menezes


Jlio Csar; Gilberto, Gum, Ibaez and Ayrton Lucas; Richard, Jadson (Junior Dutra, 30 minutes from the 2nd), Dodi and Sornoza (Daniel, 31min from the 2nd); Matheus Alessandro and Pedro (Kayke, Interval)

coach: Marcelo Oliveira

goals: Raniel, to the 14min of the 1ºT. Ayrton Lucas, against, at 29min of the 2NT (CRU); Henrique, against, at 25min from the 1ºT (FLU)

Yellow cards: Marcelo Hermes, at 2min, Ded, at 43min of 1ºT. Henrique, at 14 minutes, Lucas Romero, at 44min from the 2NT (CRU); Gum, at 12min, Jadson, at 31min, Ibaez, at 43min of 1st Q (FLU)

reason: 21st round of the Brazilian championship

studio: miner

date: Saturday, August 25, 2018

arbitrator: Rafael Traci (PR)

assistants: Ivan Carlos Bohn (PR) and Rafael Trombeta (PR)

Extra assistants: Leonardo Sgari Zanon (PR) and Fbio Filipus (PR)

Pay: 11.453

gifts: 14,449

income: R $ 158,575.00