Palmeiras again has problems with flutes and Felipão tries to calm the cast

The defeat for Cruzeiro on Allianz Parque is just another case in the season when Palmeiras got nervous by the referees. Since he has been harmed since the decision of the Paulista Championship, at the same time that the club complains via his board, Luiz Felipe Scolari tries to protect the cast.

VAR installed on Allianz Parque for the game between Palmeiras and Cruzeiro on Wednesday (Photo: Luis Moura / WPP)

VAR installed on Allianz Parque for the game between Palmeiras and Cruzeiro on Wednesday (Photo: Luis Moura / WPP)

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Already in the Derby, Felipão had said that the most important thing in his work would be from the classic to give the group a "good head". In the semi-final of the Brazilian cup, the coach returned to see the team get angry at the referee and warned that this was the last time this would happen.

– We knew in advance that it would be a very difficult game, in which we should have a lot of balance and at times we were disturbed by offers that we thought were in our favor and that they did not give. It can not happen to us anymore and it will not happen – said the coach after the 1-0 defeat.

Neither Felipão wanted to talk in the last bid about the annulled goal of Antônio Carlos, while the theme was in charge of Alexandre Mattos. The football director asked the referee Wagner Reway's decision, which made Edu Dracena wrong, instead of following the track to analyze it with the VAR.

Even before that move Verdad players disagreed with the decisions of the judges, especially Dudu, who got a yellow card for fierce claims. On the side of the Cruzeirense, Edilson was sent away because the referee was of the opinion that the party had sent him "if f …".

In addition to the Mattos & # 39; interview, Palmeiras prepares a file to send to CBF, with images and a report in which Reway is criticized. The procedure is standard in the club, which acted the same way after the Derby – in the classic, referee Jean Pierre Gonçalves Lima gave no penalty in Marcos Rocha and rejected Felipão. Also in this game showed the alviverdes athletes angry at the judge.

The biggest complaint of the club in 2018 remains in the final of the Paulista championship, where Verdão claims to have external interference to reverse the penalty of Ralf in Dudu. After being defeated by Corinthians for punishment, Palmeiras fights in court to open an investigation. The case is currently being reviewed by the STJD, which should provide an answer later this month.


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