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Palmeiras maintained a good phase in the Brazilian championship and beat Vitória 3-0 .. The game was played in the Barradão Stadium, in Salvador (BA).

With the victory, the team reached the 33 points in the 19th and final round of the first round of the Brasileira.

The team still kept writing non-taking goals since coach Luiz Felipe Scolari took over the team.

Vitoria remains in the relegation zone, in 17th place, with 19 points.

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The game

Before the game, Felipão chose to climb a mixed team, with some players retained as keepers, such as Antônio Carlos, Edu Dracena, Diogo Barbosa, Felipe Melo, Willian and Borja.

Still, the Paulista team dominated from the start of the game, which was the debut of Paulo Cesar Carpegiani in control of the victory.

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Deyverson makes 2 goals for Palmeiras

In the first shot of the danger, Dudu launched Marcos Rocha in the right direction. The sideways stretched head and Deyverson closed to the right, no chance for Ronaldo.

Palmeiras dominated the actions in the middle of the field and gave few offensive options to the Vitoria. On a cross from the left, Dudu crosses, but Ruan Renato pops to the ground. It seemed that the danger had been removed.

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Ledo error. Around the corner Dudu crossed Deyverson and scored the second goal, header.

Pressure of palmeirense

Best placed on the field and relying on Vitória's defensive errors, Palmeiras came back with a 39 & # 39; In a real blitz, five steps were to the goal, starting with an attempt from outside the area rebounded by Ronaldo. In the reserve Marcos Rocha finished twice in the goal. With the rebound, Dudu kicked the bar. Deyverson still tried to walk, but the back.

Second time

In order to preserve the cast, Felipão chose to take Bruno Henrique, who had taken a yellow card in the first half, and to place Moses. The small change changed in the team, which continued to dominate the game.

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After 2 minutes Gustavo Gómez caught the cross of Rodrigo Andrade from the right. In the series, the wheel, which already had a yellow card, gave a hard entry into the Argentinian defender. The arbitration has chosen not to warn the player.

Aim of Dudu

In the attack, on 13 & # 39 ;, Dudu received a pass from Lucas Lima, succeeded as desired by defender Aderlan and kicked in the Ronaldo exit and scored the third goal of Palmeiras.

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Even with the goal, Palmeiras continued to dominate, leaving Vitoria little room to reach the goal of Weverton.

In a new opportunity, at 20 & # 39 ;, Marcos Rocha received at the entrance to the area. Even under the circumstances to finish, he went on to Hyoran, who kicked the thrush. The ball went to Deyverson, who kicked. Ronaldo defended. In the rebound Victor Luis could dominate and end the ball, at the entrance of the small area. But the left side managed to reach the goal.

Next matches

In the next round of Brasileirão, Palmeiras receives Botafogo in Allianz Parque, in São Paulo. The match is on Wednesday (22). Vitoria travels to Rio de Janeiro next Thursday (23) to see Flamengo in Maracanã.

Technical specifications
19/8 – Barradão (Salvador)

referee: Rodrigo Batista Raposo (DF); audience: not available; Goals: Deyverson, until the 9th of the first time; Dudu, until the 13th of the second time; Yellow cards: Bruno Henrique (Palmeiras) and Rodrigo Andrade and Neilton (Vitória)

VICTORY: Ronaldo, Jeferson, Ramon Menezes, Aderlan and Ruan Renato; Rodrigo Andrade, Yago Costa (André Lima, 26 & # 39; second time), Marcelo Benítez and Neilton; Walter Bou (Wallyson, 18 & # 39; in the second half) and Erick (Lucas Fernandes, 34 & # 39; in the second half). technical: Paulo Cesar Carpeggiani
PALMS: Weverton; Marcos Rocha (Mayke, 38 & # 39; in the second half), Luan, Gustavo Gómez and Victor Luis; Bruno Henrique (Moses, during the break), Thiago Santos, Lucas Lima and Hyoran; Dudu (Diogo Barbosa, 28 & # 39; second time) and Deyverson. technicalLuiz Felipe Scolari

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