President Santos sees premeditation in the case of Sanchez

The president of the Santos, José Carlos Peres, did not hide discontent about the alleged irregular formation of the steering wheel Carlos Sánchez in the confrontation of Tuesday (21) for the Independientein Argentina for the eighth round of the South Africa. The Brazilian leader was of the opinion that the way the case unfolded, the premeditation & # 39; from one of the parties involved.

"We are furious, they wait until the game ends and five minutes later the communication is already clear that it was irregular, so I thought, right?" SporTV.

Moments after the 0-0 draw last Tuesday, speculation has surfaced that Sánchez would be irregularly scaled. This was because the player was aired in his last game in a South American club tournament, River Platein 2015, and suspension games could be fulfilled even after the amnesty promoted by the CONMEBOL in 2016, when it reduced half of the applicable penalty for the players in continental matches.

Sanchez stood for Independiente in Argentina last Tuesday

Sanchez stood for Independiente in Argentina last Tuesday

Photo: Marcelo Endelli / Getty Images

The suspicion is that Sánchez was punished with three suspension games, making it impossible to face the Independiente. the Santos, in turn, ensures that the electronic system of the CONMEBOL classified the Uruguayan as suitable to enter the field on Tuesday. However, the entity filed a disciplinary procedure to investigate the case.

"We always go through our own system CONMEBOL. If there is an electronic system, you must rely on it. You enter the name of the player and his record appears on the screen with all his data, the penalties he can have. In case of Sánchezthe number of matches that has to be filled is zero, "he said. Peres.

The leader still complained about the Independiente in a friendly meeting between the signs the day before departure. "We had contact with the staff of the Independiente The day before we ate with them, they welcomed us. They should have warned us that there might have been a misunderstanding and that we had taken the player. "

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