The Santos lawyer says that the Sánchez case ends on Tuesday with a victory in court and lashing

One of Santos' lawyers, Mario Bittencourt, said that the only opportunity for Carlos Sánchez to be resolved on Tuesday is that Conmebol releases Peixe for the Uruguayan line-up and that the team defeats Independiente-ARG with four differential goals from 19:30 (from Brasilia), in the Pacaembu, through the round of the eighth finals of the Libertadores of America.

The decision of Conmebol has been postponed and must be announced Tuesday morning. And in any case, alvinegros or rojos can appeal to the South American confederation itself and to FIFA. That is, if Santos does not win in court and thrash, beats what a 3-0 for Independiente could be in the penalty, the draw will have an asterisk.

"Irrespective of the decision, it is the appeals procedure in the court of appeal, it is a matter of world law, in other cases there is the possibility of another possibility after the decision of tomorrow. If not, then we may have 3 or 4 to 0, we can not get on the pitch and get the classification in a decision of appeal, finally, "said Mario, while SporTV.

"River Plate has not been penalized with an athlete for seven races," he said, adding that he would be "a positive decision alongside the classification by three or more goals." Zuculini, unlike the river, when clubs could not complain about the dead time, saw Santos de Independiente complain, play 180 minutes and play as a single confrontation player (Sánchez), "he changed.

Mario Bittencourt, a former lawyer and vice president of Fluminense, says Conmebol knows he has made a mistake by releasing Sánchez's line-up via Comet, a digital system for regularizing athletes.

"We made a defense of 15 pages with 30 documents." We have heard of Conmebol & # 39; s match director, which is not a usual procedure for postponement, but we believe that the delay in the defense is robust and we have clearly seen that there is no doubt we thought of the test after the game, but because of the complexity of the matter, it was made today And the non-disclosure of today's decision could have been precisely the result of the amount of documents and the news that was presented. From a sporting point of view it is complicated. Perhaps the decision is to leave until tomorrow for lunch or after the game. will position themselves, "he concluded.


Conmebol issued a statement last Wednesday in which it was informed of the investigation. Sánchez was suspended for three games in 2015 by River Plate for hitting a puck against Huracán in November for the South American semi-final. The Uruguayan has not played any other matches of Conmebol since then.

The confederation, in its 100th anniversary in 2016, declared amnesty for half of the suspensions. Sánchez would fall down and play a lightweight game. Santos consulted COMET, Conmebol & # 39; s program for suspending calls, and saw Sanchez be released (see below).

Conmebol's COMET system reports that it has not adopted disciplinary measures against Carlos Sánchez since 24 May 2018. It is Conmebol's only official and electronic system, "said Rodrigo Gama Monteiro, Legal Manager of Santos, at the Gazeta Esportiva, last week.

In defense Santos claimed other cases in which COMET was taken into account and quoted the situation of Zuculini, of River Plate, used in seven irregularly formed matches in the Libertadores, without success.

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