With an irregular goal, CRB beats Fortress leader and remains stuck from Series B

the CRB interrupted the series of six games without a win (two draws and four losses) by defeating the leader fortress Tuesday 2 for 1 at the King Pelé stadium in Maceió for the 22nd round of the Brazilian Serie B. With 25 points, the Alagoan team left the relegation zone and now occupies 15th place. The team of coach Rogério Cenise holds the lead with 43 points.

The winning goal was scored by Iago, in the 48th minute of the second half, in a position of dubious obstacle. Neto Baiano had opened the score for the hosts and Gustavo left everything the same.

The 23rd round will be played this weekend. Friday, from 9.30 pm, the CRB faces Atlético-GO, in Goiânia (GO). On Saturday, at 7 pm, the fort receives the Londrina in the Castelão Arena.

Determined to recover, the CRB first tried to exert pressure and was shocked for five minutes. Edson Ratinho headed it close to the right post from Marcelo Boeck. The fort was once again far behind, as if it were trying to attract the opponent.

Without violence to make the infiltrations, it was left to the cearense team to wait for a chance to finish. It was only 27 minutes when Derley received the ball in the middle, was not put under pressure and risked a long shot. Goalkeeper João Carlos cracked in the corner.

Both teams returned with changes in the attack for the second half. Doriva took Elias to the entrance of Willians Santana on the CRB side, while Rogério Ceni exchanged Éderson for Dodo in the fort. The coaches showed a willingness to improve their attack power.

The first real chance of goal came in the 20 minutes and the CRB opened the score. Marcelo Boeck took the wrong goal and Claudinei hit the counterattack. Neto Baiano ran between two defenders and touched the outside of the opponent's goalkeeper.

The fort, which until then had assumed a defensive attitude, had to leave for the race. Ceni exchanged Marcinho for Wilson and asked his team to go to the attack, and even give room for the Alagoan counterattacks.

The team did not improve, but got the equalizer in the 39th minute. The back of the CRB went wrong playing and the ball was left on the right to Romarinho. He made the cross and Gustavo completed his head in the small area. It was his 25th goal of the season and justified Gustagol's nickname.

When the game seemed to move towards the draw, the second goal of the guest team came out. Willians Santana kicked in the penalty area, goalkeeper Boeck hit and Iago, in a whimsical position, completed it just after 48 minutes.



CRB – João Carlos; Diogo Mateus, Everton Sena, Anderson Conceição and Paulinho; Claudinei, Lucas, Edson Ratinho (Iago) and Felipe Menezes (Marcelo); Elias (Willians Santana) and Neto Baiano. technical: Doriva.

FORTALEZA – Marcelo Boeck; Pablo, Roger Carvalho, Ligger and Bruno Melo; Derley, Nenê Bonilha (Romarinho), Marlon and Marcinho (Wilson); Éderson (Dodo) and Gustavo. technical: Rogério Ceni.

GOLS – Neto Baiano, at 20, Gustavo, at 39 and Iago, in the 48th minute of the second half.

REFEREE – Rodrigo Carvalhaes de Miranda (RJ).

YELLOW CARDS – Willians Santana and Felipe Menezes (CRB); Marcelo Boeck (Fortaleza).

INCOME AND PUBLIC – Not available.

LOCAL – King Pelé Stadium, in Maceió (AL).

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