– World of LoL: KaBuM! debut with two defeats and is complicated

the League of Legends World Cup is already rolling, and unfortunately the Brazilians Kabum! they can not find the way to victory. After the expected defeat against Cloud9, the current champions of the CBLoL disappointing to the Japanese of the DetonateN FocusMe.

The match was balanced and was beneficial for the Brazilians at times, especially after performing an ace. However, one Filipe "Ranger" Brombilla has the DFN could steal it baron from KaBuM. After receiving the bonuses the Japanese came very hard, eliminated all Brazilians and sent the victory.

It is the first time that a Brazilian team on the world stage loses for Japanese. The resit will be on the third day of the championship, when KaBuM will again play against Cloud9 and DFN and try to recover to stay alive in the world of LoL.

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