Confectioner complains about not making cake for transgender

 Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips. (Photo: Reuters)

The name of Jack Phillips, owner of the masterpiece Cakeshop (USA), has become a symbol of the struggle for religious freedom. By refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, he was indicted and stopped his case at the Supreme Court. His defense claimed that he was entitled to “conscientious objections” and could refuse to do something that violated his beliefs.

In June of this year, the US Supreme Court confirmed him with 7 votes for 2, thus fighting the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which showed anti-religious hostility to Phillips and violated his rights.

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Now he is fighting again in court for Advocate Autumn Scardina. As a man seven were born who made the so-called “transition” and to commemorate he ordered in June 2017 a “blue and pink inside cake” to celebrate his seventh birthday as a woman.

When Philips refused to do the cake and suggested that Scardina would seek another candy, he decided to file a complaint of discrimination with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

Despite the ruling of the Supreme Court, the Colorado authorities understood that there is sufficient evidence to assess the case of Scardina. So although Phillips has taken refuge, he will again be central to the debate on religious freedom and LGBT rights. Just as in the case of the gay couple who wanted the wedding cake, he argued that he was unjustly challenged by the state, against their religion.

“God created man and woman”

Phillips defends himself. “The Bible teaches that God created man and woman and I believe we can not choose that, we can not change that, the government should not be able to force me to make a cake that violates my faith and my rights,” he said. .

The Alliance Defending Freedom, a law firm representing Phillips, points out that the order for Scardina & # 39; s cake took place in June 26, 2017, on the same day that the Supreme Court decided to review the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop.

Phillips explains that the future of his confectionery is threatened, indicating that it is a planned action aimed at harming his customer. Jim Campbell, senior advocate for Alliance Defending Freedom, says his strategy was to sue the state of Colorado. “We have filed a lawsuit against these officials who continue to prosecute him for his duties.”

“Jack has the right to do business and live up to his faith,” Campbell told CBN. “He always asks:” What about the cake? What is the message? What is he celebrating? & # 39; & # 39; Declares the lawyer. “If it is something that goes against his faith, he has the right to refuse.”

In fact, the pastry chef rejected several requests for customized cakes last year because he started to fight for his rights. He believes that these requests are intended to give him problems with the law.

“My faith in Jesus Christ supports me in everything,” said Jack Phillips. “She just grew up with everything I’ve experienced, from all of this – just to see, day in and day out, how often and how many ways He helps me.”

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