How the state will pay our taxes – society

For the sixteenth consecutive year, the Institute for Market Economy presented an alternative budget. It has a simple bill – based on the government's treasury costs. All public expenditure described is divided by the number of people in Bulgaria and it is seen how the tax revenues that each Bulgarian person contributes to the budget are spent.

The figures are clear – serious reforms are needed to get out of the low income, albeit with growth in the past three years and an opaque spending of public money.

Among the reforms offered by the experts are the reduction of basic taxes and social security, the deepening of financial decentralization, more choice and competitiveness in insurance systems.

"Given the turbulent economic development and the shortage of skilled workers in the labor market, the most important reform is that of education." It is necessary to link the funding of education to the achieved results as quickly as possible in order to create adequate incentives to attract young people. and ambitious teachers and to effectively introduce dual education In the medium term, administrative reform is needed to improve the quality of public services, improve working conditions in public administration, and at the same time reduce the number of posts. In the long run, the debate and long-term vision for the future of social and health insurance is needed, and then consistently apply the measures taken, "wrote another IME.

What do the numbers show?

On the basis of state expenditure for the year 2019, each Bulgarian gives 8846 levato be insured.

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