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If you miss breakfast in the morning, you do not need a diet

Advertisements, TV shows & movies always show us a happy family photo with a breakfast with dry grains, oatmeal or crispy roasted slices. And at every step we are told about the benefits of breakfast, saying that we can not live without her. But is it really true?

Good breakfast to lose weight
Nutrition scientists and scientists have long discussed the benefits of periodic fasting. Missing breakfast is a way to organize a small hunger strike for yourself that is absolutely painless for the body. Together with sleep we reach 12-16 hours without food that does not feel so strong.

So a short period of hunger begins to produce the hormone cortisol. It is a stress hormone, but it is also responsible for our circadian rhythms and awakening. Cortisol helps the body process fat and glucose to get the energy you need. When cortisol and insulin are at a level (after a snack of carbohydrates), the fat-burning effect is neutralized.

That is why it is much easier to lose weight if you miss breakfast. And that is only one of the advantages.

Benefits of missed snacks
The brain will work better
It is assumed that without food in the morning a person can not concentrate and psychological activity will be postponed. This is not the case, however: hunger increases the sharpness of the mind and accelerates the reaction. By refusing to eat oatmeal for breakfast, you do not condemn lethargy at all, but you wake up the brain and react more effectively.

It is easier to diet.
In addition to missed snacks, they also help to make the diet easier. This also applies to those who report calories. If you have 2,000 calories and three meals, you get 666 calories at a time.

If you refuse breakfast, you will receive two meals, but 1000 calories a day. So you will be well fed and you will not think of cookies between lunch and dinner. It is worthwhile to enjoy the morning hunger.

The feeling of starvation will disappear.
In fact, the feeling of hunger in the morning is the merit of the hormones. There is a hormone that regulates the frequency of food intake. This gives us a signal of hunger when we are used to eating. If you always miss breakfast, you will end up in the morning with hunger problems. It is just a matter of habit.

The cholesterol level drops

Cholesterol is the biggest enemy of our health. Fat food increases the amount of lipids in the blood, resulting in a risk of cardiovascular disease. Periodic fasting helps to prevent this by rearranging the principles of the use of body fat. Skipping breakfast will increase the consumption of fat cells, making them an important source of energy and replacing glucose.

By skipping breakfast, you improve your health. The cholesterol level decreases, which means that you prevent the development of many diseases.

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