More than 6 million leva have received MPs for additional spending in 2018 – Politics

More than BGN 6 million and BGN 33,000 have received MPs for additional spending on their salaries in the past year. This shows a reference to the Act on access to public information at the request of bTV.

MPs do not take the money by hand – most go to the parliamentary treasury. As the largest group GERB received almost 2 million and 400 thousand and the BSP – about 2 million. For the poor patriots the sum is more than 680 thousand levs, for the MRF 630 thousand and for the will – almost BGN 295 thousand

Both independent MPs are entitled to 2/3 or in total more than 36,000 and 600 leva. The money for basic wages goes to the work of members of parliament and donations.

"I think what we have created as an organization, many of the MPs give it for charity," the GERB chairman said. Tsvetan TsvetanovTsvetan Tsvetanov

Tsvetan Genchev Tsvetanov was born on 8 April 1965 in Sofia.

Tsvetanov joined in 1987.

"For gifts, for office maintenance, for the payment of employees' salaries, for the work of each deputy in general, his work is a substitute," said Filip Popov of "BSP for Bulgaria".

There are also costs for making laws that are not written on their own, MPs say.

We pay experts to write laws because they do not write on foot, "Julian Angelov of United Patriots explained.

The money is already being checked by the Anti-Corruption Commission and should be mentioned on Parliament's website.

"Perhaps more transparency and accountability is what people want," said deputy speaker Nigyar Jafer.

Under a number of scandals in the past, two-thirds are already charged with a tax of 10%. Before going out on vacation and opposition, the ruling parties were well divided.

"Let us want to work more for the good of the Bulgars than for ourselves, to live and be healthy, and with them, let God protect Bulgaria!", Said the parliamentary tribunal Tasko Ermenkov of BSP.

The President of the National Assembly Tsveta KarayanchevaTsveta Karayancheva

Tsveta Valcheva Karayancheva is a Bulgarian politician. Member of the parliamentary group of the matches his wishes.

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