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Not long after the first flight of the Wright Brothers on the beaches of Kitty Hawk in 1903, commercial airlines began to appear all over the world. If the first one still existed, it would be more than 100 years old.

However, there are still some airlines that are still in the air and have already celebrated their 90th anniversary.

However, the definition of the oldest airlines in the world is a bit more difficult than it sounds. Lufthansa, for example, was established in 1926 but was closed in 1951. A new airline, founded in 1953, increases its name and logo. Lufthansa is therefore not one of the oldest airlines today.

The airline that we now know as Delta is called Huff Daland Dusters when it was founded in 1924 and renamed in 1928. Because it is the same airline, it is in the ranking. It only includes major international airlines, which excludes the small Grand Canyon Airlines, established in 1927.

Keep this in mind and see what the oldest airlines in the world are:

14. Cubana
Date of incorporation: 8 October 1929
Country: Cuba
Title: CU

Cuba's national airline started as a charter company and a flying school, but in 1930 it launched regular flights around the island. In 1945 he started to fly to Miami.

Her first transatlantic flight to Madrid was in 1948, with stops in Bermuda, the Azores and Lisbon. The company was taken over by the Cuban government and reorganized after the 1959 revolution.

Date of incorporation: 5 March 1929
Country: Chile
Label: LA

LATAM is actually the result of the merger between LAN and TAM in 2012, but it comes in the ranking as the LAN goes back to 1929 when it was founded as Linea Aérea Nacional.

Today, the South American airline is a member of the Oneworld Alliance and has a fleet of more than 120 aircraft flying to nearly 70 destinations.

12. Hawaiian Airlines
Date of incorporation: 30 January 1929
Country: United States
Title: HA

Hawaiian Airlines started tours on Oahu Island in October 1929, and the following month began to fly from Honolulu to Hilo via Molokai and Maui.

The airline transported more than 10,000 passengers at the end of 1930, changing the name to the company in 1941. In 1960, the company began operating commercial flights from Hawaii to Los Angeles and it was the first airline in the US to be a fully female crew in 1979.

Today the airline flew to nearly 30 destinations with a fleet of more than 50 aircraft.

11. LOT Polish Airlines

Date of incorporation: 1 January 1929
Country: Poland
Title: LO

LOT is the product of the merger of two existing airlines – Aerolot and Aero. The first two routes of the new airline are from Warsaw to Katowice and Bydgoszcz, and their first international route to Vienna was launched in 1929.

In 1931 the logo of the stork was adopted. LOT stopped operations in the Second World War, but started working again in 1946. The company became a member of Star Alliance in 2003.

10. Iberia
Date of incorporation: 28 June 1927
Country: Spain
Title: IB

Although Iberia is part of a company called I.A.G. Since 2011 Iberia, together with other major airlines such as British Airways and Aer Lingus, is now more than 90 years old.

Her first flight from Madrid to Barcelona on December 14, 1927 was opened by the King of Spain, Alfonso XIII. Now the airline has a fleet of about 80 aircraft and flies to almost 100 destinations as a member of the Oneworld Alliance.

9. Air Serbia
Date of incorporation: 17 June 1927
Country: Serbia
Title: GO

Air Serbia has undergone several transformations since its inception many decades ago. Originally Aeroput it was restored as JAT – shortly by Jugoslovenski Aerotransport, in 1947, and then by Jat Airways in 2003.

Together with an investment by Etihad, the airline Air Serbia became in 2013. It currently has a fleet of 21 aircraft and flies to more than 40 destinations.

8. Tajik Air
Date of establishment: 3 September 1924
Country: Tajikistan
Title: 7J

Initially established as a division of Aeroflot, the airline became independent in 1991. You will not find it on many Western routes, but it flies to 19 destinations, including cities in China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Turkey.

At this moment the airline has a fleet of 14 aircraft.

7. Delta Air Lines
Date of establishment: 30 May 1924
Country: United States
Title: DL

Delta Air Lines is called Huff Daland Dusters when it was founded in Macon, Georgia, as an airline in agriculture that fights pests of cotton crops. By 1925, the airline had a fleet of 18 aircraft, making it the largest private airline in the world at the time.

The name was changed to Delta Air Service in 1928 and passenger services began to offer in 1929. Delta continued to operate its agricultural unit until 1966. For decades, the airline merged with Chicago and Southern Air Lines, Northeast Airlines, Western Airlines and finally Northwest in 2008.

She is the founder of the SkyTeam Alliance in 2000. It is currently the world's second largest airline with more than 800 fleets flying to more than 300 destinations.

6. Finnair
Date of incorporation: 1 November 1923
Country: Finland
Title: AY

Called Aero, when it was founded in 1923, Finnair's first plane is the German Junkers F13 seaplane. It can land on water or on land, because at the time the airline started flying in 1924, there are no commercial airports in Finland. His last flight was in December 1936, when all flights flew and landed on a hard surface.

Finnair is the first Western airline to fly to the USSR since the Second World War and the first to offer flights from Western Europe to mainland China since 1988.

The airline officially changed its name to Finnair in 1968 and joined Oneworld in 1997. Today Finnair flew more than 130 destinations and has more than 60 aircraft.

5. Czech airlines
Date of incorporation: 6 October 1923
Country: Czech Republic
Title: OK

The current name of the airline was only in May 1995, but it was originally called the Czechoslovak State Airlines (CSA) when it was established in the 20s of the 20th century. The first flight of the courier took place from Prague to Bratislava on October 29, 1923.

The airline worked until March 1939, when the company was stopped until September 1945 because of the Second World War. Czech Airlines joined SkyTeam in 2001

4. Aeroflot
Date of incorporation: 17 March 1923
Country: Russia
Title: SU

Originally founded as Dobrolot, the airline changed its name in 1932. Aeroflot was one of the biggest airlines during the Soviet era when it was the flagship of the USSR.

Although partially privatized, most of the company is still owned by the Russian government, making it a state-owned company in Russia. She became a member of the SkyTeam Alliance in 2006 and currently has a fleet of more than 200 aircraft flying to more than 120 destinations.

3. Qantas
Recording date: November 16, 1920
Country: Australia
Title: QF

Qantas is an abbreviation for the original name of the airline: Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd. The airline introduced the world's first business class on board the Boeing 747 in 1979.

Follow-up flights from Perth to London in March 2018 will take place on board the airline's new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, which will be the first scheduled non-stop flights between Australia and Europe.

2. Avianca
Date of incorporation: December 5, 1919
Country: Colombia
Title: AV

Founded as SCADTA or Sociedad Colombo Alemana de Transporte Aéreo, the first flight of the second oldest airline in the world from Barranquilla to Puerto Berrio took place in September 1920. The airline changed its name to Avianca – the acronym of Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia – in 1940 when it merged with another SACO airline (Servicio Aéreo Colombiano).

Avianca has subsidiaries in several Latin American countries and merged with TACA, a Salvadoran airline, founded in 1931, in 2009. Star Alliance member in 2012

1. KLM
Date of incorporation: 7 October 1919
Country the Netherlands
Title: KL

Named after the Royal Dutch Airlines, it is no wonder that everyone cuts less on KLM. The Dutch translation is the Royal Aviation Company and is the oldest existing airline in the world.

Her first flight was on board De Havilland DH-16, piloted by Captain Jerry Shaw, between Amsterdam and London in 1920, and the first transatlantic flight was held in 1934 from Amsterdam to Curaçao. Today, the airline has a fleet of 200 aircraft and transports more than 30 million passengers per year.

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