A diver who participates in saving children in the Thai cave will continue Ilon Musk – USA

British diver Vernneunswort, who is involved in rescuing a children's football team from the cave in Thailand, Ilon MuskIlon Musk

Ѝlon Reeve Musk is a Canadian-American engineer, inventor, because the inventor made him a pedophile & # 39; called.

We recall that the conflict between them arose during the rescue operation in Thailand. Then Neswort made some critical remarks about the mini-submarine that Mssk had delivered to save workers. The diver called this idea a "jar trick." In response, the entrepreneur said that Nansworth was a pedophile. Muk later apologized to the diver that he had said these words in an outburst of criticism, but soon in a correspondence with BuzzFeed journalists, the billionaire again called him a pedophile. As reported by the BBC, Nansworth now accuses Musk of defamation and demands compensation for non-monetary, moral damages of £ 75,000.

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