Bulgaria Evening News: Ralitsa Again is no longer in FSC, the start of the trade register is postponed

The upcoming scandals surrounding the trade register and the failed Olympic-Cypriot insurer "Olimp" are expected to become a subject of fruitless debate at an extraordinary session of parliament. The resignation of the Vice-Chairman of the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) Ralitsa Again, previously mentioned by Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov to take over the case, was voted, although it is not entirely clear whether the regulator actually blame for the case. Once again before the parliament, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov made a new prediction for the full recovery of the trade register – perhaps by the end of the week.

The international scene was a quiet day, marked by an interview with US President Donald Trump, who, in the style of Turkish President Erdogan, criticized the Fed for rising interest rates that did not help with trade policy

MEPs accepted the resignation of Ralitsa Again

Vice-Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Committee (FSC), Ralitsa Again, who is in charge of the insurance sector, resigned and Parliament adopted it by 138 votes, 3 against and 3 abstentions at the extraordinary meeting today. The withdrawal came one day after the prosecutors and SANS entered the regulator, and the government urged her to leave the office for oversight oversight of the activities of a Cypriot insurer "Olympic" in Bulgaria and an inadequate response to his insolvency. Again rejected the charge and announced that the motives for her dismissal were emotional and moral, as a sign of sympathy for the Bulgarian citizens who suffered damage as a result of the collapse of Olympic. Some politicians agreed with that.

The panic reaction of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on demanding and getting the resignation of Re, does not solve the damage problem of the failed Olympic insurer "Olympic". But the action can lead to an even weaker overview of the insurance sector. First, the recent appointments in the FSC were politics, not experts, and that is likely to happen again. And because of the "Olympic" sound, the future regulator will hardly reveal any financial problems with insurers because it is threatened with dismissals and parquet controls.

The trade register may work fully at the end of the week

"The crisis has been overcome and I have the guarantee of a state agency for electronic governance for a full trade register, perhaps at the end of the week, to let them work for a few days." This was announced by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov in his speech to Parliament on the collapse of the trade register. Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev was not so categorical, and he said, "We're asking for it by the end of the week." Only three days ago, on Sunday, Borisov said he was assured that the trade register would work on Wednesday. he urged Members of the European Parliament not to comment on the Lirex Support Office, because they are working on recovery and "if they lift their hat" they will be bad.

In the margins of journalists, Borisov refused to be responsible for the newly appointed Executive Director of the Registry Agency Gabriela Kozareva and advised the questions to address the Patriotic Front and Volen Siderov, who proposed it.

What is important tomorrow?

Will US sanctions against Russia be imposed on the Scripal case

The United States can impose new sanctions on Russia on Wednesday – this time because of the British strike in Great Britain in March with a neuropathic substance against former double agent Sergei Scripal and his daughter. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' proposal was announced early in the month and the first phase would stop supplying Russian companies with electronics, materials and equipment for oil and gas extraction. If Moscow does not publicly guarantee within three months that it will not repeat what has happened in Salisbury on 4 March 2018 and allows international observers, there must be substantially stricter trade sanctions.

Analysts in the United States note that it all seems to be an act of the Trump government, anticipating two Senate bills, which provide sanctions for Moscow's interference with US elections.

Iran showed its first fighter plane

Iran presented its first fighter plane. This is clear from frames that are distributed by state television. She left President Hassan Rohani in the hunting lodge

Iran presented its first fighter plane. This is clear from frames that are distributed by state television. She showed President Hassan Rohani in the hut of the Cossack hunter on the day that Iran marks the national day of the defense industry with a parade. According to the Iranian Tasmini agency, this is the first aircraft fully developed and manufactured in Iran. It belongs to the fourth generation jet fighters, has a computer system for ballistic calculations and multifunctional radar. In the words of the Iranian Defense Minister, Iran is trying to improve the ballistic capabilities of its combat equipment to respond to "threats & # 39; Israel and the United States.

[Associated Press]

One sentence news, one sentence comment

Ten days reduces the time for payments between companies in Bulgaria, before 2018, the 2017 deadline will be reduced to 37 days for 37 days and for payments by the public sector to the company, the payment period will be 30 days in 2018 and 31 days in 2017. This will include the data of Bulgarian trade -Industrial based on an Intrum report on payments, held in 29 European countries.

Government press Press officer Lyubomir Metodiev was fired After a complaint from Elena Kroumova, the correspondent of Monitor Daily, that she had beaten her, the press service of the Council of Ministers announced. The incident took place during the visit of the Prime Minister of the excavations at the tomb of Maltepe near the village of Manole on Saturday.

Nine candidates appeared the auction, announced by the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA), for the production, delivery and installation of vertical traffic signs on the national road network. The state plans to replace the traffic signs in the country over the next five years and the estimated value of the public tender, which is financed from the RIA's budget, is BG 15 million.


A wave of criticism from the Austrian Foreign Minister about her reverie to Putin at her wedding

The reprimand of the Austrian Foreign Minister Carinn Knails, carried out as the last part of the waltz, has caused a strong wave of criticism.

The reprimand of the Austrian Foreign Minister Carinn Knails, carried out as the last part of the waltz, has caused a strong wave of criticism.

The Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissel has received a number of criticisms after being honored by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his wedding on Saturday. In a video that was uploaded to the RT site (formerly Russia Today) and overwhelmed the Internet yesterday, the Austrian minister, apparently pleased that he was satisfied, gave this gesture to the Russian head of state after she had danced with him. Austria is now the rotating President of the EU Council.

"How is it possible that the Minister of Foreign Affairs behaves so unprofessionally and kneels a picture of Putin," says publicist Robert Misic. "A photo that shows how the Russian autocrat makes his puppets dance," users write online.
The surprising announcement that Putin will attend the wedding of Knails (linked to the far-right Austrian People's Party) caused confusion among the media and the Austrian opposition last week.

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