Business | A1 customers do not have a network abroad for Vodafone, the operator said

In May, Mtel announced that he was A1. Mr. Dimitrov is the Chief Executive Officer.

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In May, Mtel announced that he was A1. Mr. Dimitrov is the Chief Executive Officer.

After many signals in the last days of customers of the operator A1 who do not have access to the network in different parts of Europe, the company announced today that the reason for this is the network of Vodafone.

A media message reports that the problems arrived on September 1st.

The problems are not related to the A1 Bulgaria network, but due to the fact that Vodafone is the leading roaming partner of the A1 group, the problems have affected a large number of A1 customers in roaming. Work on the restoration of services has started and now all customers of the A1 Bulgaria based in Greece can roam normally, according to the company.

Readers of Dnevnik, based in Greece, today reported on such problems and on August 28 – in Italy.

The technical problems affected most Bulgarians in Greece, a popular destination for summer vacations. For this reason, the technical teams of A1 Bulgaria and A1 Group have helped Vodafone and they have first worked in this country for roaming services, according to the report.

According to him, in Greece the Vodafone network works normally and A1 customers can connect to it, and it is advisable to restart their device. If they are in another country, they must opt ​​for a network other than Vodafone to use roaming services. Work on the full recovery of roaming services continues and the A1 and its partners hope to get to work as soon as possible, according to the operator.

In Facebook messages, users report that some countries have difficulty choosing a different network.

The company advises its clients to follow their site, where the telecom publishes information about the situation on a regular basis.

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